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  • Difference Between Cleanser and Toner

    Cleansers and toners both play a key role in your skincare routine. But what's the difference? We look at ingredients and functions to figure it out!
  • What is oil cleansing?

    The oil cleansing method has been popularized through K-beauty and double cleansing. This article covers what is oil cleansing, how it works and benefits.
  • Empyri's Clean Beauty Ethos

    Happy National Clean Beauty Day to the lovers of all things clean and natural, from the curious to the connoisseurs! empyri was founded on three main principles, the first of which is Clean Beauty. We know that there is no single definition of clean beauty, in part because the industry is precari...
  • empyri for Acne

    Methods that matter When your skin is prone to acne, how you wash your face – the method you use to keep it clean and clear – is important. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: oil cleansing is for everyone! That’s because it's effective; it’s one of the best ways to truly clean your ski...
  • Good Clean Fun in 2021

    Base layer You want to go Alicia Keys all natural in 2021? I mean you’re working from home indefinitely and your dog certainly doesn’t care if you have a symmetrical cat eye. Supporting your skin in its most naturally beautiful state starts with clean skin. You used all your spare time in quarant...