What is oil cleansing?

Winter is coming, but its usual dry and flaky skin doesn’t have to be! We all want to hold onto the healthy and glowing skin of summer, especially as we start to head indoors. While we do endorse layering up to protect against the winter’s chill, we don’t support layering on heavy creams and lotions to protect your face from dryness. Tackling dryness is actually less about what you put on your face and more about how you take it all off – makeup, dirt and oil buildup that is.  Oil cleansing is the best defense against dryness, exacerbated by a winter climate, in addition to other skin challenges such as redness and acne. 

What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing works on the premise that like dissolves like. Gentle cleansing “good” oils are massaged into your pores to push out the “bad” oils - along with dirt, makeup and sebum. Washing with soap, even ones advertised to be gentle, strips your skin of its own natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Add this to the toll taken on your skin by your furnace and the windchill, and you’ve got a recipe for the worst kind of winter skin. Oil cleansing maintains your skin’s moisture level without leaving your face greasy.

empyri’s oil cleanser is a true oil cleanser because it does not contain any cleansers, emulsifiers, preservatives or coagulating agents. This means it will not foam or emulsify on your skin, which can take some getting used to. After massaging into damp skin, we suggest removing the oil cleanser with a warm, damp cloth for a truly clean feeling.

Oil cleansing is so effective that some people “break out” when they first start the process. That’s because your skin may be used to a surface-level soapy clean, but there’s actually dirt and oil built up deeper in your pores. Oil cleansing will bring out what’s buried, and with regular use, you likely won’t break out anymore – so try to stick with it.  

Who benefits from oil cleansing?

Everyone!  We’ve grown up with the notion that cleansing your skin involves soapy lather followed by an astringent toner then a moisturizer to replenish the oils you stripped away.  The problem with this system is that your body doesn’t like being robbed of its natural oils and hastily produces more as a replacement.  In acne prone skin, this becomes a frustrating cycle: the more we use to wash our face, the more oil it produces, which leads to more flair ups.  And in the case of mature skin, we remove the natural oils that our skin needs to stay hydrated and smooth, leaving it dry and accentuating fine lines and wrinkles.

Oil cleansers benefit all types of skin as they gently bind to the body’s natural oils and lift away impurities without the use of harsh ingredients.  empyri has carefully chosen 100% natural oils to calm and nourish your skin while washing away the day’s dirt, oil and makeup.

When should I oil cleanse?

Before you embark on an oil cleansing ritual, remember that moderation is key.  A little oil cleanser goes a long way. A morning oil cleanse will gently refresh your skin before your toner and serum prep your face for makeup application or a gorgeous au natural look. Evening is the time when empyri’s oil cleanser really gets to really shine – ridding your skin of the day’s build-up of makeup, dirt and sebum. Feel your whole day melt away (even your most stubborn waterproof mascara) with just 5 pumps of cleanser gently massaged into damp skin. Always follow with hydrating toner + vitamin C and moisturizing serum.

If you want to be proactive about your skincare this winter, and at the same time embody your commitment to clean beauty while gently working with your skin’s natural microbiome, you can do it all with empyri.

Because you are loved.


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