Introducing, empyri.

empyri’s cannabis sativa three step skincare ritual

Empyrean: A state of bliss; awe-inspiring; Dante's Paradiso (third and final part of Dante's divine comedy) – the highest echelon of Heaven.
(pronounced em-PEER-ee) Derived from Empyrean – the state of internal bliss, achieved when we embrace all as one.

For the love of science, nature and Cannabis

Who are we?

At empyri, our goal is to use real science and engineering to infuse clean skincare products – to nourish and heal, from the inside out. This revolutionary skincare company was designed with three simple principles in mind: Clean Beauty, Conscious Consumption and Honouring Diversity. The everyday lifestyle stressors that impact our wellbeing, and in turn our skin, can be combatted with the use of herbs. With both a deep-rooted connection to the earth and one another, we strive to empower and inspire our empyreans to achieve harmony – both with their health, and in their lives. empyri’s commitment to well-being extends to the planet as well – with our sustainable, chemical and cruelty-free products developed with reverence and gratitude to Mother Earth.

Jennifer Grant, Founder and CEO of empyri,  in a scientific laboratory


Meet our founder. 

Jennifer’s passion for formulation and product development was set ablaze in 2019, when she incorporated the healing power of Cannabis roots into her long-standing three-step skincare system. Combining the tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with scientific evidence on the actives in roots and seeds, a clean and conscious brand was born. Using her masters in bio-chemical and environmental engineering, Jennifer is forging a path to maximize the utility of Canadian-grown plants, while developing a line of beauty, grooming and wellness products for all.

A mother of three amazing sons, and a community volunteer, Jennifer values personal well-being and sustainable living – connecting people to their health, their inner equanimity, and the earth. This too, is the ethos of empyri.

empyri cannabis sativa oil cleanser and empyri cannabis sativa daily moisturizer, pictured with cannabis sativa root


Why Cannabis Sativa roots?

At the foundation of each empyri product, is active root extract. Cannabis Sativa roots have been used therapeutically in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over a thousand years. At empyri, we harness the power of active root extract and evidence-based science to create uniquely formulated, plant-powered, cruelty-free products – a holistic range of effective Cannabis Sativa-infused products that nourish and heal.


Clean and green is the heart of empyri.