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  • Will Hemp Oils and Other Similar Products Come up Positive on Drug Tests?

    Hemp products have become very popular in North America over the past few years. With that popularity comes the question, "will hemp come up on a drug test"? The answer is no. But its not a simple no, so let's dig a little deeper. A quick intro to the confusion First things first. We need to def...
  • Hemp Soap: What are the benefits to your skin?

    Hemp soap benefits everyone! It 's cleansing, moisturizing and reduces skin irritation. With no THC and no CBD, its safe for use on children and elderly.
  • How to Properly Wash Your Face

    Learning how to properly wash your face is the most important step in creating a skin care routine for healthy skin. Read our best tips & tricks here.
  • Can I use oil to remove makeup?

    How To Wash Your Face And Remove Makeup With Oil   Use a cleansing oil to remove makeup and wash your face. It's a 2-for-1 that simplifies your skincare routine, without compromise. In fact, once you've started, you likely won't go back to the days of cotton pads or makeup wipes.   Here's what yo...
  • Why Cleansing Oils that are High in Linoleic Acid are Good for Treating Acne

    You're already on board with oil cleansing. (Oh, you're not? No problem. Read our primer on the oil cleaning method and then jump back here when you're caught up).   We know that it's smart to wash oily skin with a gentle oil cleanser. But did you know that oils high in linoleic acid are the best...