Where are empyri's ingredients sourced?

Our Cannabis Sativa Roots and Cannabis Sativa Seeds are sourced from Canadian industrial farmers and Canadian licensed growers. Other ingredients are purchased from Canadian raw material suppliers and sourced from various countries around the globe.

We are very careful to ensure that our raw materials are ethically sourced and we receive Certificates of Analysis with every order. For example, on a global scale, most industry products containing squalene are sourced from the inhumane practice of shark livering, however, our squalene is sourced from olives grown in Spain and Italy. Our quality control program and process dictates that every raw material is, among other things: plant based, non-irradiated, non-GMO, Paraben free, Phthalate free, solvent free, heavy metal free, cruelty free and vegan.

Are you certified organic or non GMO?

empyri is not certified organic, although we do use several certified organic raw materials. All of our ingredients are non GMO. Our finished product is not lab tested, however, the Cannabis Sativa roots we use are pre screened and laboratory tested to ensure zero percent THC and CBD.

How do you extract the oil from the plants?

The oils used in our oil serum and oil cleanser are cold pressed.

Where do you get your oils from?

Our oils are sourced from various countries. The majority of our essential seed oils and Meadowfoam seed oil come from Canada, Avocado oil comes from Mexico, Squalene comes from Olive in Spain.

Are you certified vegan and cruelty free?

All of our raw materials are certified vegan and cruelty free but we have not yet gone through the certification process for the products.

Can I use empyri if I'm pregnant?

Pregnant and/or lactating women and children under 12-years old should avoid all empyri Sativa products. Because empyri products are made without THC + CBD, our products are safe for children over 12-years of age.

When is the best time to apply the serum?

Our serum can be applied at any time of day; we recommend morning and night. When using in the morning, allow a few minutes for the serum to absorb before applying sun care or makeup.

Do the products contain preservatives?

empryi's 3-step products do not contain any chemical preservatives.

Are empyri products non-comedogenic?

Non-comedogenic means an ingredient that will not clog pores and has a rating of between 0 and 2.

The comedogenic rating of the carrier oils in our cleanser are: Seed oil (0), MCT fractioned Coconut (2-3), Avocado (3), Meadowfoam Seed (1). Overall, this is a very low comedogenic rating, and since cleanser is a product that is removed from the skin rather than left on to absorb, it shouldn't clog your pores.

The comedogenic rating of the carrier oils in our serum are: Seed oil (0), Apricot (2), Bitter Cherry (2), Meadowfoam (1), Grapeseed (1), Pumpkin (2), Avocado (3), Argan (0), Raspberry (1), Squalene (0-1), Sea Buckthorn (1). All but one of these oils are non-comedogenic because it is left on the skin to be absorbed.

Which products contain essential oils?

empyri's oil cleanser and serum contain essential oils. Our formulations use essential oils at no more than 1%, which is the maximum recommended amount for use on skin. empyri's hydrating toner uses hydrosols, which are diluted essential oils - Lavender, Aloe, Bitter Orange and Rosemary.

How long can I keep a product before opening it?

empyri products are shelf stable for 24 months before opening.

How long can I keep a product once opened?

empyri products are shelf stable for 18 months after opening.

Once mixed, the vitamin C toner is stable for 2 weeks.

What are serums for?

empyri's waterless serum is designed as a daily moisturizer, to be used once or twice daily. Serums are potent, bringing an intense dose of nutrients and hydration to the skin. And our new tip?

Add 1-2 pumps of empyri serum to your favourite cream (face, hand, foot, body) for an extra boost of moisture. Just mix both products together in your hands before applying. Trust us, this will take your skincare to a higher level.

Which products should be used together for best results?

empryi's oil cleanser, hydrating toner + vitamin C and waterless serum work best when used together; that's why we created the 3-step ritual!

Since our serum is waterless, it must be applied to damp, not dry skin. It works best when applied after our hydrating toner.

Coming soon: empryi's NEW holistic hydration cream can be combined with our serum for an extra boost of moisture. The two products emulsify together really well so we recommend combining 1-2 pumps of each in your hands before applying to cleansed face, neck, chest and hands.

Can men use empyri products?

Absolutely! We've formulated our products to smell and feel amazing for all.

We recommend using empyri's cannabis sativa serum as an aftershave to soothe inflammation.

Why is my vitamin C bottle empty?

Your vitamin C bottle is empty? You bet it is, that’s because our super fresh and active vitamin C toner is made by YOU. Here are the directions for mixing and use, which can be found on the right panel at the bottom of the big vitamin C box and on the direction card inside the toner box – it sometimes sticks to the inside of the box, so you may have missed it.

Preparation Directions: Empty one sachet of Vitamin C (1) into empty 30 ml bottle (2). Fill to the top of the label with our Cannabis Sativa Hydrating Toner (3). Shake well to combine. It can take several minutes for all of the vitamin C to dissolve.

Directions for use: Apply 10-15 sprays of toner to cotton pad and wipe over skin after cleansing, avoiding eyes. For an extra boost of Vitamin C, apply 5 sprays to hands and gently distribute over face and neck.

My Order

How can I change an order?

Email us at orders@empyri.com and we'll help you out. If we've already shipped it, we'll let you know your options for return.

Can I receive samples?

We do not offer samples at this time. We know it is important to give your skin a period of adjustment when trying new products so we encourage you to give it a try for a few weeks.

If you are not happy with your empyri products within 30 days of purchase, please return the unused portion and we will be happy to remit your account for the full amount of the purchase less the cost of shipping. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We do not offer gift wrapping at this time. We package your order safely with as little waste as possible because caring for Mother Earth is important to us.

How can I track my order?

When your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification from us which will include a tracking number you can use to check its status. Please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available.

If you haven’t received your order within 10 days of receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at orders@empyri.com with your name and order number, and we will look into it for you.


What countries do you deliver to?

empyri offers delivery to Canada and the United States.

Do you offer free shipping?

empyri offers free shipping on orders of $100 or more, before tax.

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