hemp face wash

We know how uncomfortable it is to have dry, tight skin after washing your face. That's why we created an oil cleanser that melts off makeup, sunscreen and dirt, cleanses deep to clear our pores and leaves skin feeling moisturized and plump.
Hemp Seed Oil contains linoleic acid to clear out pores (acne friendly!) and improve texture.  Cannabis Roots contain anti-inflammatory friedelin to reduce redness, puffiness and irritation. And MCT Coconut Oil dissolves makeup and hydrates for a healthy skin barrier. 
    A 2-in-1 makeup remover and daily facial cleanser that leaves your skin clean and moisturized. 

    Customer Testimonials

    Hear from others who have joined the Skin High and switched to 100% natural, clean and green empyri.

    woman holding and reviewing oil cleanser

    The only things I've been using on my face other than a face mask once a month, so I can truly say the results are all from empyri's cleanser!

    Korrin @you.me.alchemy
    woman with glowing skin reviewing skincare ritual

    The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin! empyri's 3-step skincare ritual offers that and more!

    Shanice @shaniceunearthed
    woman holding and reviewing empyri skincare

    I’m in love with the empyri Oil Cleanser - it’s a dream. It easily removes makeup, thoroughly cleanses and leaves your face feeling moisturized (not dried out). I have used it every day for almost three months and I recommend it to everyone!

    Natalie @mindyourown.life

    I love the simplicity of empyri’s 3-step ritual. After a long day of mountain biking, the oil cleanser is amazing at removing sweat & sunscreen (and chain grease!), leaving my face feeling clean and moisturized. With just these 3 products, I know my skin is getting everything it needs – it’s balanced, bright and smooth.


    The empyri products are the closest to nature I have ever found. They are gentle, effective and just make my skin radiate. They have become part of my essential self-care routine! The cleanser leaves the skin so soft and the toner sooooo refreshed. Could not live without empyri anymore.

    Jennifer @jennifer.jane.young


    • Tips for oil cleansing:

      If you're new to oil cleansing, here are a few tips to make the most of your evening cleansing method with our oil cleanser:
      • Ditch your makeup remover! You do not need a separate product to remove your makeup first; the oil cleanser is a 2-in-1 make up remover and face wash.
      • Use extra pumps of product if you are wearing a lot of makeup; 5-8 pumps is just a recommended starting point.
      • This product is waterless so you must add the water into the cleansing process. Always ensure your face is thoroughly dampened before applying the oil cleanser, and use water afterward to wipe away residue from make up, dirt and product.
      • It's OK if your skin doesn't feel "squeaky" clean or if there is a small amount of product on your skin.
    • Why should I choose empyri?

      Here are 3 reasons why you should buy from empyri for your oil cleanser:
      1. This product is a true oil cleanser. It's waterless, which means there is no need to include preservatives, emulsifiers or surfactants. Our selection of oils is suitable for all skin types to thoroughly cleanse without disrupting your skin's natural moisture barrier. Your skin will feel clean and moisturized after every wash.

      2. The main carrier oil in our cleanser is of course, hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is very similar to our skin's lipids (oils) which allows it to absorb effectively into the skin. It travels deep into the pores for a thorough clean and delivers the other nourishing ingredients to where your skin needs them most. Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic (rating of 0) so it will not clog your pores and it is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 which are essential fatty acids vital to healthy skin.

      3. Overtime, our cleanser will reduce the size of your pores. Hemp seed oil contains a very high concentration of linoleic acid, something that is also naturally present in our skin's sebum. When we are deficient in linoleic acid, our sebum becomes thick and sticky, causing it to become trapped in our pores which leads to congestion, acne and breakouts. Cleansing regularly with hemp seed oil boosts the linoleic acid concentration in your sebum so that it remains thin and able to escape, making for a clear complexion and smaller, unclogged pores.
    • Why should I cleanse with cannabis sativa/hemp seed oil?

      Hemp seed oil is the ultimate natural skincare ingredient. It is safe for use on all skin types and formulates well with other ingredients. For it's versatility, it is used in soaps, serums and even hair oils. But there are specific reasons why you want hemp seed oil in your face wash.

      First, hemp seed oil is very similar to our skin's natural oil, called sebum. Oil cleansing works on the solvent process "like dissolves like" so you need to cleanse with oils that are biocompatible with the skin. We use hemp seed oil as the main carrier oil in our facial cleanser for this reason. For a quick refresher on the method, check out our blog What is Oil Cleansing?

      Second, hemp seed oil contains high concentrations of linoleic acid, something that is also naturally present in our sebum. When we are deficient in linoleic acid, our sebum becomes thick and sticky. This leads to clogged pores which causes congestion, acne and texture. Regularly using hemp seed oil in your facial cleanser ensures your sebum is thin and runny. Overtime, acne prone skin will clear and pores will shrink because they are no longer congested.

      Finally, hemp seed oil is beneficial in your face cleanser because it is naturally hydrating. No one likes a face wash that leaves skin feeling dry or tight. Stripping the skin of its natural oils leads to a nasty cycle over over-dry, over-oily skin. Instead, hemp seed oil makes for a gentle cleanser that works with the natural properties of your skin. It's rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which prevent skin from flaking.
    • Why do I want cannabis roots in my cleanser?

      The roots of the cannabis plant contain high concentrations of friedelin. Friedelin is a triterpenoid (aka a type of chemical compound) with anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, cannabis roots have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1,000 years - to treat things like wounds and postpartum bleeding.

      Inflammation underlies many health conditions - and skin issues, too! Everything from redness and irritation to acne and chronic dryness can be the skin's response to inflammation. That's why we've incorporated cannabis roots into our 3-step skincare ritual, starting with this oil cleanser.

      Cannabis roots are beneficial in your cleanser specifically because you want that dose of anti-inflammatories at the beginning of your skincare routine. Your skin will respond better to the rest of your products, including moisturizers and treatments with active ingredients, if you've soothed any inflammation first. Think of it a bit like cooking: sometimes you need to let a mixture cool before you add the next ingredient. Your skin is the same - you need to let it "cool" or in this case be soothed so that it can welcome the benefits of ingredients to come. This is especially important in your evening routine, when your skin is working hard to repair itself.
    • Does it come in sustainable packaging?

      Our oil cleanser comes in a dark glass bottle, which can be repurposed (I love using mine as a tiny water spritzer to care for my indoor herb garden) or recycled. Moreover, glass helps to maintain the chemical integrity of the formulation, since it keeps both air and light out of the oils. We recommend storing in a cool, dark place to aid with product stability.

      Many facial oils - both cleansers and serums - are packaged with a dropper. The problem with this is that each time you remove the dropper to use and then put back into the bottle, you're introducing potential air and germs. For this reason, empyri's cleansing oil is packaged with a treatment pump.
    • How easily does this cleanser rinse off?

      You can easily rinse off this product in one of two ways:
      1. Splash face with warm water. Just like any other cleanser, you can rinse off by splashing water on your face when you're finished cleansing. But unlike any other cleanser, this hemp face wash doesn't contain any water - it's 100% oils - so be prepared that the end result isn't quite as "squeaky" as you might be used to.
      2. Remove with a damp washcloth. This is our preferred option to rinse off the oil cleanser. By using a damp washcloth, you'll remove a bit more of the excess oil than option one. Always hang your washcloth to dry and change it for a fresh one every few days.

      Whichever method you choose, always use lukewarm water. Hot water and even extremely cold water will irritate your skin barrier
    • What empyri products can I use with this oil cleanser?

      All of them! But seriously, empyri's oil cleanser is a compatible first step to any skincare routine. If you want to take the guesswork out of pairing products, we always recommend starting with the 3-step ritual!. It covers all of your skincare needs (sans SPF, you need to add that!) in 3 steps. Plus, all the products are versatile and use can be customized to suit your skin type, routine, etc.
    • Will oil cleansing make my skin breakout?

      If you are new to oil cleansing, you will notice immediately that it is different from using any other cleanser. Our cleanser does not foam, but it does travel deep into your pores for a deep clean. Sometimes, dirt that has been left behind by your other cleanser gets pushed to the surface of your skin. We call this initial stage “the purge”. You may experience the odd breakout, but this too shall pass.

      Allow your skin 3-4 weeks of consistent use, at least 1x daily, to adjust. Remember, your skin cells turnover every 28 days! So you need to give your skin some time to adjust. Occasionally you may see tiny black dots appear on the surface of your skin - these are small bits of sebum that have made their way to the surface and darken once in contact with air and light (oxidize). Remove with gentle exfoliation.