empyri for Acne

Methods that matter

When your skin is prone to acne, how you wash your face – the method you use to keep it clean and clear – is important.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: oil cleansing is for everyone! That’s because it's effective; it’s one of the best ways to truly clean your skin. By working on the solvent process that “like dissolves like”, gentle cleansing good oils are massaged deep into your pores, binding with and pushing out bad oils, along with dirt, bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. Acne-prone skin may experience a “purge” at first use, but after 3-4 weeks breakouts will clear up.

The reason your skin will stay clear with continued use is that oil cleansing is also balancing. empyri’s cleansing oil won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, which usually leads to a vicious over drying/excess oil production cycle. Instead, it will cleanse without disrupting your skin’s natural pH level.

Pro tip: Always use a warm, damp cloth to remove oil cleanser after washing your face to ensure no excess oil remains on the skin.


Ingredients that count

empyri’s oil cleanser is full of natural, non-comedogenic oils, which means it won’t clog your pores.

Citrus essential oils, like orange, bergamot and neroli have antibacterial and antifungal properties to naturally and gently fight the bacteria on your skin that causes acne. empyri uses these ingredients at a concentration of 0.25% (recommended dermal maximum is 1%) to ensure safety.

Vitamin C is proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne, making it an effective and natural acne treatment. It’s also good for treating hyperpigmentation, so it can work wonders on acne scars as well. empyri’s hydrating toner + vitamin C is the most active vitamin C treatment on the market, because you mix it fresh every two weeks! This ensures you’re treating your acne with a highly active, yet chemical-free treatment.

Pro tip: Our toner is customizable, so use it the way that benefits your skin. Just like we suggest less vitamin C on super sensitive skin, you can always up the dosage to treat stubborn skin conditions like acne. You may feel a tingle, but if its burning, you’ve gone too far. 

Most importantly, remember all skin (even with acne) is beautiful skin.  

You are loved. 

Jennifer Grant with Hemp Roots


Author Bio: Jennifer is the president and founder of empyri.  Jennifer’s passion for formulation and product development was set ablaze in 2019, when she incorporated the healing power of cannabis roots into her long-standing three-step skin care system. Armed with scientific evidence on the actives in cannabis roots and seeds, a clean and conscious brand was born. Using her masters degree in bio-chemical engineering, Jennifer is forging a path to ...READ FULL BIO