cold processed bar soap with hemp oil

oatmeal + cocoa butter

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Cannabis Sativa Cold Processed Soap

Fortified with hydrolyzed hemp seed extract

  • Cold-pressed and plant-powered by cannabis, this humble soap bar is the perfect indulgence for your daily self-care routine: a luxurious lather cleanses and hydrates for skin that is soft, nourished and confidently clean.

    What makes it special: 

    • Hydrolyzed cannabis sativa (hemp) seed extract is clinically proven to hydrate & balance the skin, improving its overall texture.

    • Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil is the ideal moisturizer, rich in Omega 3 & 6.

      Made with 100% natural ingredients, cold pressed and no chemical surfactants.

      Vegan and waterless, made with a low carbon footprint and zero plastic waste.

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    #skinhigh elements:

     Vegan  Cruelty-Free  No Chemicals
     Cold-Pressed  Moisturizing  Cannabis-Infused

    Suitable for: 
    Use daily on your entire body to leave skin feeling gently cleansed and nourished. Can be used on your face too!

    Scent and texture: 
    Unscented for sensitive skin. Luxurious lather cleanses and hydrates for skin that is soft, nourished and confidently clean.

    Also available in:
    lavender + orange blossom
    bergamot + chamomile



  • Why is empyri hemp soap the choice for you?

    Our hemp soaps are made with a low carbon footprint and are delivered to you with zero waste. You won't need to choose between glowing skin and environmental kindness – you can choose both. Our hemp soap with oatmeal + cocoa butter is a great all natural soap. It contains zero chemicals! The soap base is made from cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil and sustainably sourced palm oil. Plus we've added hemp ingredients with nutrients for your skin.
  • Why we made oatmeal + shea butter

    Do you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis? Do you have sensitive skin? Do fragrances irritate your allergies or senses? Or are citrus and floral smells just "too much" for you? We made this hemp seed oil soap with oatmeal + cocoa butter for you!

    We know some folks prefer a soap that is fragrance-free. We made this unscented version of our hemp soap to ensure we have an option for everyone. The good news is that what this bar lacks in scent, it makes up for in skin nourishment.

    Oatmeal is soothing for dry or sensitive skin. It is also a protectant, strengthening the skin's outer layer to keep water in and irritants out. Cocoa butter is very moisturizing and makes the soap bar firm so that it lasts longer. Hemp seed oil is richly packed with omega fatty acids which are great for skin and hair. Sounds amazing right? What can't plants do?!
  • What is empyri hemp soap good for?

    Wash your face and body
    Our hemp soap is will gently cleanse the skin on your body and your face. Our preferred method for face washing is oil cleansing , but we know that some folks like a good ol' bar of soap. The combination of coconut, olive and hemp seed oils create a perfect lather that will effectively wash away the day’s dirt. This oatmeal + cocoa butter bar is the best choice for sensitive skin since its fragrance free, but all three bars are very gentle.

    Hand washing
    We all know the importance of hand hygiene! Products like sanitizer are convenient when you're on-the-go. But you should hand wash with soap and warm water whenever possible, especially in your own home. Our hemp soap bar will effectively cleanse your hands, and help replenish moisture lost from sanitizers, wipes, etc. Always activate and rinse with warm water, pat dry with a clean towel. We know that not all hands can handle fragrance, so this oatmeal + cocoa butter bar is perfect for cracked or irritated skin. Same rich lather and squeaky clean!

    Exfoliating your skin Pair your empyri hemp seed oil soap with our dual-sided hemp washcloth to gently exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. When dead skin cells do not shed properly, it can lead to dry or flaky patches. Your skin has its own natural process for shedding dead skin cells, so you don't need to exfoliate every day. 1-2x per week will work!

    Give the gift of healthy skin
    Hemp soap is good for gifting, because its suitable for all skin types and it’s a product everyone uses. Whether it be for face, body or to impress guests in the powder room, there’s a place for every woman in cannabis…hemp soap is the place to start! Give this oatmeal + cocoa butter bar to anyone in your life with sensitive, dry skin. They will thank you!
  • Can hemp soap get you high?

    No. Hemp soap cannot get you high. Empyri hemp soap contains zero THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the naturally occurring chemical compound in cannabis – marijuana, not hemp – that is psychoactive aka “gets you high”. No THC, no high!
  • Can anyone use hemp soap?

    Yes, anyone!

    Our hemp soaps contain zero CBD and zero THC, so they are safe for use on babies and children. Newborn scalps can get scaly and rough – called cradle cap. Although it heals naturally, you can support your newborn’s scalp by washing with hemp soap. Our special hemp seed extract is clinically proven to reduce the flakiness caused by dry skin.

    When we get older, our body produces less oil. This leads to dry and crepey skin, clear “signs of aging”. Hemp soap supports this natural process by injecting moisturizing oils and essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 during your daily cleanse.

    Pregnant women
    Don’t forget! You won’t find any CBD or THC in empyri hemp soaps. Choose hemp soap to treat dry skin and hypersensitivity during your pregnancy. Hemp soap hydrates with hemp seed extract so that your skin is cleansed, soft and moisturized after every wash. This unscented oatmeal + cocoa butter bar is extra gentle and non-irritating. What it lacks in scent it makes up for in rich lather – every shower will feel like a little trip the spa! j
  • Is hemp soap safe for skin conditions?

    It’s safe to say, hemp soap is good for acne prone skin. Empyri hemp soaps use natural oils to gently cleanse rather than strip your skin barrier of its natural oils. Oatmeal + cocoa butter is the extra gentle choice for when you’re going through a flare up with your body acne. It will cleanse and nourish your skin back to health.

    Hydration is the key to healthy skin, especially with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Healthy hydration starts with how we cleanse our skin. Many body washes contain surfactants, which strip our skin of its natural oils whose job it is to keep skin moisturized. Choosing a hemp seed oil soap can support your eczema/psoriasis skincare because it will cleanse without stripping your skin barrier.
  • Will my hemp soap melt or is it long-lasting?

    Our hemp soaps are formulated to be firm, so it won't melt/fall apart quickly. But a little extra care for your natural soap goes a long way:
    1. Do not leave your hemp soap bar directly in the way of running water.
    2. Place the bar on a well draining surface, like a "soap saver" (bamboo is the best!) or the stainless steel grates of your bathroom organizer. Just don't leave it directly on the counter or the shelf of your bathtub - it may start to melt!
    3. Your soap bar will also last longer if you use with a loofah or washcloth rather than lathering directly onto your body.
  • Why is "cannabis sativa" written on the box of the hemp soap?

    We need to have a little lesson in science…

    Just like lemons and limes are both citrus, hemp and marijuana are both cannabis. To be more specific, they are both species in the plant genus cannabis sativa. So while hemp and marijuana have some similar characteristics, they are not exactly the same. Empyri only uses hemp-derived ingredients.

    Our fearless leader Jen wanted to stay true to her science background as a chemical engineer. So she names all empyri products cannabis sativa, to show the plant family we can all thank for its nourishing ingredients.

    If you need to review your notes, we made a cannabis 101 video.
  • What's the difference between hemp soap and body wash?

    Here’s the difference between empyri’s hemp soap and body wash:
    • Zero water – gel/cream textured body washes use water as an inexpensive filler. By contrast, our hemp soap skip the water in favour of nourishing oils.
    • Au natural – made from 100% natural ingredients, our hemp soaps do not have unsafe additives like fragrance or parabens.
    • No trace packaging – we package our hemp soap bars in boxes that can be repurposed, recycled or composted. Avoiding big plastic bottles at all costs!

Customer Testimonials

Hear from others who have joined the Skin High and switched to 100% natural, clean and green empyri.

woman holding and reviewing oil cleanser

The only things I've been using on my face other than a face mask once a month, so I can truly say the results are all from empyri's cleanser!

woman with glowing skin reviewing skincare ritual

The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin! empyri's 3-step skincare ritual offers that and more!

Shanice @shaniceunearthed
woman holding and reviewing empyri skincare

I’m in love with the empyri Oil Cleanser - it’s a dream. It easily removes makeup, thoroughly cleanses and leaves your face feeling moisturized (not dried out). I have used it every day for almost three months and I recommend it to everyone!


I love the simplicity of empyri’s 3-step ritual. After a long day of mountain biking, the oil cleanser is amazing at removing sweat & sunscreen (and chain grease!), leaving my face feeling clean and moisturized. With just these 3 products, I know my skin is getting everything it needs – it’s balanced, bright and smooth.


The empyri products are the closest to nature I have ever found. They are gentle, effective and just make my skin radiate. They have become part of my essential self-care routine! The cleanser leaves the skin so soft and the toner sooooo refreshed. Could not live without empyri anymore.

Jennifer @jennifer.jane.young

Why Hemp Skin Care?


cannabis skin care


Rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds like Friedelin, to deeply decongest and protect skin


cannabis skin care


Notably resembling the skin’s lipids with a non-comedogenic formula to restore and hydrate


cannabis skin care


Clinically proven to improve skin’s overall texture, reducing wrinkles and keeping skin smooth