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  • Introducing: Skin Firming Hemp Neck Cream

    Introducing empyri's NEW skin firming neck cream. A clean formula that visibly firms crepey skin and effectively hydrates. Say hello to smooth, taught skin!
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    Do hyaluronic acid pills work? More research, especially on humans, is needed but we'll review the data that's available on the skin and health benefits.
  • Diet for clear complexion

    A clear complexion depends on skincare, regular exercise and what you eat! This post shares 10 superfoods for a clear complexion. And always drink water!
  • CBD concentration in hemp oil

    How much CBD is in hemp oil depends on the type of product, how it was extracted and manufactured. Today's article looks at how much CBD is in hemp oil.
  • What's the benefits of hemp oil?

    Hemp oil is very beneficial to both skin and health. This post outlines ten benefits of hemp oil so you can add this wonder ingredient into your routine!