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  • Treat under-eye bags

    Under-eye bags are a common skincare concern. This post explains stuff for under-eye bags like natural remedies, cosmetic procedures and skincare tips.
  • What is good for wrinkles under eyes?

    Wrinkles under eyes is a top concern in facial aesthetics. Here are treatments good for under eye wrinkles including food, creams and surgical procedures.
  • Introducing: Skin Firming Hemp Neck Cream

    Introducing empyri's NEW skin firming neck cream. A clean formula that visibly firms crepey skin and effectively hydrates. Say hello to smooth, taught skin!
  • Do hyaluronic acid pills work?

    Do hyaluronic acid pills work? More research, especially on humans, is needed but we'll review the data that's available on the skin and health benefits.
  • Diet for clear complexion

    A clear complexion depends on skincare, regular exercise and what you eat! This post shares 10 superfoods for a clear complexion. And always drink water!