Introducing: Skin Firming Hemp Neck Cream

Did you know that your neck will show signs of sun damage (aka aging) before your face? 

No? Don’t panic! You’re not alone.

And it’s never too late to let your skincare routine evolve, especially to include a specialized product for your neck that is both clean and science-backed. 

Introducing… empyri’s skin firming hemp neck cream. 

We know what it feels like to be surprised (shocked?!) to notice your glowing face is sitting on top of a wrinkly (softer word, blotchy, not so glowing?) neck.  

At 51, empyri founder Jen Grant understands what it’s like to look in the mirror and then change her v-neck to a crew neck. 


And we understand the confusion about how many skincare products we really need. 

It’s wrong that we get overwhelmed by passing trends when in reality, there are key facts about our skin that we can use to build a simple routine to help us age gracefully.  We let science show us the way. 

Here’s what we know: 

  1. Our necks contain fewer sebaceous glands, which produce sebum (oil) to keep skin hydrated. This is why our necks are prone to dryness. 
  2. Necks also have less collagen, which is what provides structure to our skin. This is why our necks are more likely to slack, sag or be crepey. 
  3. We move our necks…a lot! Up and down, side to side and unfortunately, staring down at our phones every day. Our neck skin stretches and moves more than any other part of the body. This is why it loses elasticity quicker than our face. 

      Armed with this evidence that our necks really do need a specialized product to meet its unique needs, we created a clean, cannabis-infused neck cream that really works. 

      Empyri Skin Firming Neck Cream

      The formulation is centered around 4 main ingredients:

      Sesaflash™This proprietary blend from Seppic Inc. gets its name from the component hydrolyzed sesame seed extract. It visibly firms for smoother, tauter looking skin on the neck. Sesaflash is also hydrating. 

      Matrixyl™An anti-wrinkle powerhouse, Matrixyl smooths the skin for improved skin texture overall. 

      Hydrolyzed Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Extract: HHSE is clinically proven to hydrate the skin. Chronic dryness paired with decades of exposure to the sun leaves our necks vulnerable to crepiness. Keeping your neck properly moisturized is the key to graceful aging (aging well? We should choose one). 

      Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed OilIt’s the GOAT in clean skincare for a reason! Hemp seed oil is rich in omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids and very biocompatible with the skin for effective absorption and hydration. 


      Fun Fact: The sesame and hemp seed extracts we use are hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP) with a rating of 1 according to the Environmental Working Group.  HVP’s provide hydration to the skin as humectants. Their chemical structure allows them to be absorbed by the skin beyond the stratum corneum (outer layer), which is why they have a significant moisturizing effect. 

      “Hydrolyzed” means that the extract has been created through a process of hydrolysis i.e. chemical reaction using water to separate the protein into its amino acids and peptides.  

      So you’re still feeling hesitant to add another cream to your daily routine. 

      You’re a skinamilist. You’re a new Mom. You’re a bada** working woman who only has time for sunscreen and coffee most days. 

      Don’t worry, there’s a place for skin firming neck cream in everyone’s routine. Even Jen doesn’t use neck cream every single day.

       “But everything I do is rooted in science, and the science here tells us that the skin on our neck is different from the skin on the rest of our body, including our face. I want to support my natural aging process by using the right ingredients to tackle my neck’s specific needs. I feel young and vibrant on the inside so my neck shouldn’t be telling a different story! I use skin firming neck cream 2-3 times a week. The product smells incredible – bright and refreshing - so it’s the perfect little indulgence when I have an extra minute for self care”. 

      “And since I understand the science behind why our necks “age” quicker than our faces, I’m now more diligent about slathering SPF on my neck too. When we know better, we do better”. 

      Daily use is ideal, but consistency is more important. 

      Empyri Cream Trio

      Like all of our hemp moisturizers, empyri’s NEW skin firming hemp neck cream is: 

      • vegan
      • cruelty-free
      • cannabis-infused
      • free from harmful chemicals (we never use anything on The Dirty Dozen!)
      • manufactured with a low carbon footprint
      • made in Canada

      If you’re still feeling skeptical about what a firming cream can really do for your neck, try it for 30 days with our money-back guarantee. 
      You should be paying special attention to your neck. It’s going to show signs of sun damage sooner than your face, and you deserve to look as young as you feel! While your regular skincare focuses on treating your specific skin type - maybe you’re dry, oily or combination - products applied to your neck should focus on firming and lifting. 
      Our hemp neck cream does exactly that! Plus it's a non-irritating, clean formulation so there’s absolutely no harm in giving it a try. 
      Why clean? At empyri, we believe that clean beauty is always important. But if there’s one product you want to be cleaner than rest, its your eye cream! You’ve heard us say this a few times already: the skin around your eyes is delicate. And it also absorbs product differently. Harsh chemicals are dangerous. 
      We want you to choose clean beauty with confidence. Check out empyri’s Clean Beauty Ethos to learn more and link to helpful resources from others to take control of your beauty buying decisions. 
      Why cannabis? We love the power and versatility of this plant. Knowing there is clinical data to support the efficacy of hemp seed extract in hydrating the skin, we couldn’t resist including it in our eye cream formulation! 
      We also want you to choose cannabis skincare with confidence. There’s a place for every woman in cannabis, remember? Check out our Youtube channel to see why cannabis is our little secret to skincare. 
      Like we said, it's never too late to update your skincare routine. And it can still be simple. 
      By giving your neck the special attention it deserves, your skin below the chin will be smoother, firmer, even-toned…and it will match your youthful mug! 
      By choosing this neck cream, you’ll sleep easy knowing sun damage won’t get the best of you. Go ahead and switch from turtle neck to v-neck! 
      And remember, you’re not alone. 
      “This really is a staple of my skincare routine. Just because I didn’t know before that I was neglecting my neck, I’m part of the majority of women who didn’t know. Now, I’ve extended my skincare routine from my forehead to my v-neck. This isn’t a passing trend. Emerging knowledge about the science of our skin informs us on how to build a routine that works with our skin rather than against it.” - Jen 
      It’s never too late to make a different choice. It’s never too late to take care of yourself in a new way. Because, 
      You Are Loved.