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  • What does gua sha do for the face?

    Gua Sha stone massage has arrived in cosmetics as a beauty application for the face. It relaxes facial features to counteract the skin aging processes.
  • is acquired by empyri

    Empyri acquires to continue providing skincare advice. Effective May 6, 2022. Visit to purchase Lara Worthington’s products.
  • The end of alcohol in toners

    Is alcohol in skin-care products bad for the skin?   We're giving it to you straight up:   If alcohol is listed in the first 6 ingredients of a skincare product, RUN. AWAY. Forget everything that you thought you knew or loved about it. The focus of modern skincare is optimal skin health, and alco...
  • Do home remedies really work for dry skin

    Well-groomed skin not only looks good, it also feels that way and ensures a general sense of well-being. However, various factors such as stress, lack of sleep or moisture, the individual hormone balance and unsuitable cosmetics can impair it. The result: impure, irritated or even dry skin. Nume...
  • Vitamin C vs Retinol

    Which is Better for My Skin – Retinol or Vitamin C? There are few ingredients that can claim to combat a multitude of skin issues, from acne and uneven skin tone to wrinkles and roughness. But Retinol and Vitamin C do that...and more! This powerhouse duo used together or on their own have signif...