What does gua sha do for the face?

Gua Sha has not only been a proven miracle cure for many physical ailments in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. The stone massage has now also arrived in cosmetics as a beauty application for the face. It is said to relax facial features and counteract skin aging processes. But what exactly can the Gua Sha massage really do and how is it best applied?


What Exactly Is Gua Sha?


The face best reflects our emotions, worries and fears - but also a relaxed and youthful-dynamic appearance is first and foremost visible in the face. That's why we also put a lot of energy and care into the facial skin, because emotions like anger or sadness make themselves felt in wrinkles and furrows. Cosmetic treatments such as hyaluronic or Botox injections are intended to prevent just that. For many, however, this is too drastic and the fear of unnatural facial features prevails. A completely natural method to give the face a nice dose of relaxation is Gua Sha.


Gua Sha comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a massage or rather lymphatic drainage with the help of precious stones. The aim is to bring the entire body back into balance. Used as a facial massage, however, the method is much gentler. If you use it regularly, your facial skin will be better supplied with blood in the long run and will radiate more vitality and resilience. For this purpose, flat hand stones are used, which have rounded edges. The so-called Bian Stone is the classic for a Gua Sha facial massage, but you can also use other gemstones. None should be sharp-edged. The stone is used to gently stroke the skin of the face. "Gua" means rubbing or scraping in Chinese and "Sha" refers to the reddening of the skin that occurs.


Why You Should Try the Stone Massage


Massaging with the massage stone using a gentle pressure effectively relaxes the muscles under the skin, while also reducing swelling and activating the metabolism. The massage also helps to remove toxins - that's why the skin looks more well-groomed and radiant after the treatment. By the way, Gua Sha is always used together with nourishing oil.


It is best to treat your face with the technique in the evening before going to bed because the skin can continue to regenerate wonderfully during sleep. Effects that occur after the Gua Sha treatment are, for example, a reduction of wrinkles and puffiness, as well as bags under the eyes and skin impurities. Ageing processes are counteracted and you retain a youthful-fresh appearance. The advantages of Gua Sha at a glance:


  • Muscle tensions are gently released
  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • The lymphatic system is stimulated and harmful substances are removed
  • Fasciae are stimulated - for better skin tightening
  • The skin frees itself more effectively from dirt and clogged pores, which counteracts impurities
  • Scar tissue becomes softer
  • The skin is better supplied with blood and skincare products can be absorbed more effectively


After the massage, it is therefore also useful to apply a nourishing mask. A nourishing mask works all the more effectively and overnight for you to get a radiant, fresh complexion.


How Gua Sha Fits into Your Skin Care Routine


But not only masks are a great companion to the Gua Sha application. The facial skin is wonderfully prepared for care after the massage. Here are a few tips, for a care routine suitable for Gua Sha:


  • Use anti-aging care after the evening massage and let it work overnight - so the skin regenerates intensively.
  • Use skincare products that are great for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Use a face cream with hyaluronic serum that reduces wrinkles and counteracts skin aging.
  • Get a regenerating eye cream for the sensitive eye area that will help strengthen the skin's protective barrier.


Some Quick Tips for Gua Sha Facial


Prepare your facial skin optimally for the treatment by washing it and rubbing it with mild facial oil.

Now you can "scrape" the skin with the rounded stone edge in short movements - preferably always in one direction.

After the treatment, the skin will be slightly red, which indicates good blood circulation. Now you can apply suitable facial care or optimize the effect by applying a mask afterwards.

By the way, you can perform the massage anytime and anywhere - preferably every day. The evening is an optimal time to let the skin regenerate overnight. But it also makes sense in the morning to relieve tension and get a fresh kick for the day.