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best moisturizer for dry skin

  • Do home remedies really work for dry skin

    Well-groomed skin not only looks good, it also feels that way and ensures a general sense of well-being. However, various factors such as stress, lack of sleep or moisture, the individual hormone balance and unsuitable cosmetics can impair it. The result: impure, irritated or even dry skin. Nume...
  • Slugging

    Slugging is a hot beauty trend! It involves coating your face with a product like Vaseline to seal in hydration. Find out here if slugging is for you!
  • Hemp oil vs coconut oil for skin

    What is the best oil for your skin? Is it hemp oil or coconut oil? The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. Here is our look at the benefits of hemp oil and coconut oil for the skin, so you can decide with more clarity which one is right for you.   Hemp oil  Hemp oil and...
  • Best Korean Moisturizers

    K-beauty has the solution to your dry skin. Find the best Korean moisturizer for your face to slow signs of aging, prevent acne and protect from stressors.
  • Founder Favourite: Dry Weather Duo

    Seasons are changing and so should our skincare! empyri founder Jen Grant has a personal favourite cold-weather combination to treat and protect your precious face as we brace ourselves for lower temperatures outside, and drier air inside. (Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the furna...