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  • Why does acne take so long to heal?

    Why does acne take so long to heal? The answer has to do with the many causes of acne. With the right treatment and some patience, glowing skin awaits!
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    We know how frustrating it is to struggle with blemishes, especially on your chin! Get rid of blemishes fast with natural ingredients like vitamin C.
  • Hemp oil vs coconut oil for skin

    What is the best oil for your skin? Is it hemp oil or coconut oil? The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. Here is our look at the benefits of hemp oil and coconut oil for the skin, so you can decide with more clarity which one is right for you.   Hemp oil  Hemp oil and...
  • Best Body Soap for your Pregnancy

    Are you trying to choose the best body soap for your pregnancy? Hemp body soap is safe for your pregnancy and helps with dry skin, back acne and more.