How to get rid of blemishes fast

An even complexion and flawless skin are probably the dreams of every woman. However, due to the challenges of everyday life or genetic demand, pimples and blemishes can always appear. With the right acne treatment products, you can support your skin and counteract impure skin, especially on the chin where big breakouts tend to happen.


Why does blemished skin often occur on the chin? 


The chin is part of the "T-zone" of your face. There are a lot of sebaceous glands here, which can quickly become clogged and show typical signs of blemished skin. Various circumstances can promote the development of impure skin. These include primarily hormonal fluctuations (for example during puberty, the days just before menstruation and pregnancy), but stress and a poor diet can also have an influence on the appearance of the skin on the chin. Blemished skin usually manifests itself in the form of pimples or inflamed skin areas.


In Detail: The Reasons for Impure Skin on the Chin


The reasons for impure skin on the chin can vary. The increased presence of sebaceous glands on the chin as well as general factors that promote blemished skin can eventually lead to pimples. Blemished skin on the chin, however, is particularly associated with hormonal fluctuations. Hormone fluctuations in the body can stimulate sebum production, which leads to increased oil, which in turn can promote the clogging of pores and the development of pimples.


Other common triggers include:


Blemished skin on the chin due to stress


Stress and too little sleep usually not only affect how you feel, but also greatly affect your skin. Pay active attention to your sleep rhythm and make sure to regularly give your body a break. Breaks and a healthy night sleep promote the regenerative power of your skin and your body, which counteract or mitigate blemished skin on the chin.


Blemished skin on the chin due to everyday habits:


During the day, you often unconsciously touch your face. Especially often, you touch your chin. No matter whether you support your head with your hands or make phone calls, your chin often comes into contact with bacteria in everyday life (these also sit on the cell phone!), which in turn can lead to impurities. Therefore, you should touch your face as little as possible in everyday life to ultimately protect your skin. If you do need to touch your face, wash your hands first.


Blemished skin on the chin due to poor diet


Your diet also plays a big role when it comes to healthy-looking skin. An unbalanced diet can promote pimples and blemished skin. Allergies or food intolerances also promote blemished skin. Test for yourself if and when your skin changes when you eat certain foods. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated from the inside.


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This Care Helps with Impure Skin on the Chin 


These three steps can help you achieve purer and more balanced skin on your chin. With the right cleansing and care, you can effectively reduce pimples, blackheads and impurities. Always remember that the most important thing is to take care of your skin regularly in order to have permanently clearer skin.


Cleanse your skin with a washing gel or a cleanser. Use products that are gentle on your skin, such products are particularly suitable for oily and blemish-prone skin. They clear clogged pores and free the skin from impurities excess sebum and dirt particles. This process helps to optimally prepare your skin to absorb active ingredients and moisture from the subsequent care. One popular combination for blemished skin is salicylic acid and niacinamide.


Refine your skin texture by gently clarifying the skin on your chin. This is very good for acne-prone skin that needs to be cleansed well.


Finish your routine by treating your chin and face with a face cream to soften blemishes and prevent blemished skin while moisturizing it. A highly efficient serum that softens redness and signs of aging is also optimal to finish.


Sometimes less is more when it comes to skincare to clear blemishes. Your chin may be breaking out due to over-washing, irritation from too many active ingredients or the wrong combination of products. Choose a clean skincare set whose products are formulated to work synergistically together. And always give your skin a few months to regulate after starting a new skincare routine.


Our final tip


For skin that is more prone to pimples and blemishes on the chin, get a highly concentrated vitamin C serum. By incorporating such serums into your daily skincare routine, you're giving your skin an extra dose of active ingredients and moisture. This is how you effectively counteract impure skin on the chin!