Introducing: cannabis sativa cold pressed soaps

Clean. Green. Cannabis-infused. All good things come in 3’s.

The newest addition to empyri’s lineup of cannabis-infused wellness products are a set of vegan, cold-pressed soaps in three scents lavender + orange blossom, bergamot + chamomile, and unscented oatmeal + cocoa butter.


Good For You

Our humble soap bars are the perfect indulgence for your daily self-care routine, creating the luxurious lather you expect from your suds without any surfactants or added chemicals. Just like the empyri 3-step ritual, our cold pressed soaps are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and use only ingredients with a safe rating according to the Environmental Working Group’s skin deep database.

Cannabis seed oil and hydrolyzed cannabis seed extract elevate these bars to a higher level; you’ll get the lather you’re looking for to feel confidently clean without any of that post-shower tightness that can come when the skin’s microbiome and natural moisture barrier are disturbed. That’s because cannabis seed oil is the ideal moisturizer, rich in omegas 3 & 6 and cannabis seed extract is clinically proven to hydrate and balance.

Good For The Planet

So it’s clear that your skin is going to feel amazing after using one of our cold pressed soaps, and we’re here to share that your conscious is going to feel pretty good too.

We’re committed to creating products that are as green as possible, and our new soaps are no exception. They’re vegan and cruelty-free (of course!), manufactured with a low carbon footprint, packaged plastic-free in recycle cardboard and waterless. Trading your liquid body wash, which usually contains a lot of water and comes in single use plastic, for bar soap is one of the most sustainable switches you can make! And it’s one to share with friends & family too – empyri’s cannabis sativa cold pressed soaps make the perfect gift for everyone from the green beauty connoisseur to the canna-curious.

You. Are. Loved (we really do like 3’s around here!).

Jennifer Grant with Hemp Roots


Author Bio: Jennifer is the president and founder of empyri.  Jennifer’s passion for formulation and product development was set ablaze in 2019, when she incorporated the healing power of cannabis roots into her long-standing three-step skin care system. Armed with scientific evidence on the actives in cannabis roots and seeds, a clean and conscious brand was born. Using her masters degree in bio-chemical engineering, Jennifer is forging a path to ...READ FULL BIO