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hemp skincare

  • Treat under-eye bags

    Under-eye bags are a common skincare concern. This post explains stuff for under-eye bags like natural remedies, cosmetic procedures and skincare tips.
  • Introducing: cannabis sativa cold pressed soaps

    Clean. Green. Cannabis-infused. All good things come in 3’s. The newest addition to empyri’s lineup of cannabis-infused wellness products are a set of vegan, cold-pressed soaps in three scents lavender + orange blossom, bergamot + chamomile, and unscented oatmeal + cocoa butter.   Good For You Ou...
  • Ditch weed and its hippie cousin

    We all know that marijuana is the cannabis strain that can get a person “high”. And most of us know that hemp is its workhorse cousin, having many industrial and commercial uses. Both have unique properties but their classification under the cannabis genus has caused confusion when it comes to le...