"Double" Cleansing, Simplified

From traditions of Korean beauty to celebrity-endorsed luxury beauty brands, double cleansing seems to have some people rushing to add steps to their skincare routine while others remain confused. You want me to wash my face twice? The idea of double cleansing is to first remove makeup, pollution and dirt with an oil cleanser, then to wash your face again with a water-based product.

While there is some merit to double cleansing, we think its because the trend has introduced many people to washing their face with an oil-based product who had never tried it before. We’re big fans of oil cleansing over here at empyri, but we’re fans of skinimalism too.

Oil cleansing is itself already a “double cleanse”: first the oil, then the water – let us say more! 

How it works

Oil cleansing works on the premise that like dissolves like.  Gentle oils in empyri’s oil cleanser like meadowfoam seed, work with the oils naturally present on your skin to travel deep into your pores to push out sebum – the stuff that causes irritations like blackheads and acne. This is the first cleanse.

Next, you use a cloth damp with warm water to remove all of that oil you’ve just pulled to the surface of your skin – along with any product residue. This is the second cleanse.

The Result?

With a method that uses only one product, you’ve gently and effectively washed your face without stripping your skin of its natural moisture level or disrupting its microbiome. When you use a second cleanser – like something foamy or creamy that leaves you “squeaky” clean – you’re disrupting the balance you’ve just achieved with your cleansing oil.

At the Root

The philosophy that underpins double cleansing is one of taking time for our personal care – even if that means longer, more elaborate skincare routines. It encourages people to spend longer washing their face, and to ensure that they’re cleansing effectively to allow toners, treatments, moisturizers and serums to work as deeply as possible. Now this is the part of double cleansing we can get behind. A quick splash of water just isn’t going to cut it – for your skin or your soul.

Take time for oil cleansing in your night routine.

Take time to warm the water to the right temperature (not too hot please!).

Take time to gently massage empyri’s oil cleanser into your damp skin.

Take time to breathe deeply while you cleanse; and

Take time for yourself.

Take time, because

You are loved.