hemp facial serum

moisturize and protect your dry skin

Cannabis Sativa Serum

for fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, dull skin

  • 80% of women suffer from dry skin. And dry skin equals more visible fine lines and wrinkles. We know how frustrating it feels when your regular moisturizer just isn’t cutting it. You need the boost of an oil-based serum.

    Our moisturizing serum is scientifically formulated with 100% natural oils that absorb quickly to heal your dry skin once and for all. Get ready to glow!

    What makes it special: 

    • Hemp Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids omegas 3 and 6 that strengthen your skin barrier to help retain moisture, and linoleic acid to shrink pores ...

    • • Cannabis Roots target inflammation which lies at the heart of skin irritation, dry skin and redness

      Squalane derived from olives (NOT shark liver!) is super moisturizing and absorbs effectively, carrying with it this serum's other nourishing oils

      Raspberry, Pumpkin and Argan Seed Oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to prevent signs of aging and leave you glowing

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    #skinhigh elements:

     Cruelty-Free  Non-comedogenic  Hydrating
     Vegan  Organic  Soothing
     Moisturizing  Cannabis-Infused

    Suitable for: 
    Fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, dull skin.


  • What does hemp face serum do?

    Empyri's hemp-oil facial serum is a daily moisturizer. In this way, it has the same skin benefits as your go-to face cream. But it doesn't stop there. Our face serum does so much more than tackling dry skin!

    This hemp serum supports your overall skin health. Rather than sitting on the top layer of the skin like some moisturizers, the serum soaks in for deep hydration. It also "feeds" your skin the nutrients it needs to glow and thrive, like fatty acids, biotin, and B, C and E vitamins. Finally, this hemp serum gets 5 stars for calming inflammation and protecting from everyday skin stressors like sun damage.

    Plus, it's made with a custom blend of essential oils that will turn your skin care into a spa-like experience every time!
  • How do I use this hemp serum?

    You can use this hemp serum in 4 ways on your skin. We love a multi-purpose product! Our favourite ways to add hemp serum to our skin care routine are:

    Final touch
    This hemp serum is the final step in empyri's 3-step ritual. After cleansing and toning, apply 2-3 pumps to damp skin on your face. Use an additional 1-2 pumps for neck, chest and hands. Allow serum to absorb for a few minutes before applying makeup. If using a mineral sunscreen, we recommend applying immediately after serum as this will help your SPF glide on and the two will absorb together.

    Double up for dry skin
    Combine 1-2 pumps of hemp serum with empyri's holistic hydration cream. The 2 products emulsify (mix) well together on your fingers to create one easy step. This can be done to a clean, dry face since the water in the cream helps the serum to absorb.

    Body boost
    Mix 1-2 pumps of hemp serum with your favourite body lotion to take your hydration to a higher level. Use on extra dry patches or all over to prevent crepey skin on arms and legs. Slugging Apply this serum under a thick occlusive like petroleum jelly for the ultimate overnight hydration treatment.
  • Who can use this product?

    This hemp oil facial serum is suitable for all, from normal to dry skin types. Hemp seed oil is very bio-compatible, meaning it works well with our skin's natural properties. There's something in this serum for everyone:

    Sensitive skin
    Do you have sensitive skin? Fear not! We had you in mind with this formulation. All essential oils have been used below the maximum recommended levels in cosmetics to avoid sensitives. And we chose our carrier oils (hemp, camellia seed) to create something lightweight and non-irritating.

    Acne prone skin
    "You want me to put oil on my oily skin"? Yes, we do! We understand that folks with acne prone skin are skeptical of using face oils. But the thing about hemp seed oil is that its non-comedogenic. In other words, it won't clog your pores! Hemp seed oil also helps to regulate the skin's oil production so that you're never too dry or too oily. Maintaining health hydration is actually key to preventing acne flare ups.

    Dry skin / Dull skin
    This hemp oil facial serum is our most recommended product for dry skin. It is deeply moisturizing, rich but lightweight. Anyone who tries it can't help but share their new glow!

    Aging skin
    Regular use of hemp oil facial serum will help to reduce fine lines, which are often related to dry skin (scroll up!). By leaving skin hydrated, you fill in the spaces between your skin cells that lead to the appearance of lines.
  • What are the benefits?

    Of course, the #1 benefit of this moisturizing serum is that it will leave your skin hydrated after each use. But that's just the beginning! Check out the other skin benefits of our hemp oil facial serum:

    Soothes inflammation
    Hemp roots contain high concentrations of the triterpenoid (chemical compound) called friedelin, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It's more powerful than ginseng root extract! Inflammation is the source of many skincare concerns, so calming inflammation will help with a lot including reducing redness, de-puffing and improving texture.

    Repairs + protects free radical damage
    This hemp serum is full of natural ingredients with antioxidant properties, because we know how important it is to repair and protect skin from free radical damage. Free radicals, like UV rays, break down our skin's collagen which slows new cell generation and causes woes like fine lines, crepiness and hyperpigmentation. Our favourite antioxidant fruit extracts/nut oils/seed oils are apricot kernel oil, camellia sinensis and pumpkin seed oil.

    Balances skin’s oil production
    Hemp seed oil regulates the skin's oil production. This balance will end the viscous too-dry, too-oily cycle that causes breakouts.
  • Can I leave hemp oil on my face overnight?

    Yes. Our hemp oil facial serum works morning, noon and night! Since you're not in a rush to get sunscreen and/or makeup on before bed, we recommend using an extra pump of serum at night. It will take a minute or two longer to absorb, but your skin will give you 5 stars for extra attention!

    You can also "slug" with our hemp oil facial serum overnight. Slugging is a skincare trend made popular by K-beauty where your final nighttime step is to cover your face with a petrolatum-based product. While it is generally safe to slug with moisturizers, remember that the process does intensify the potency of active ingredients on your skin. If irritation occurs, stop slugging! You'll find out quickly that our serum is moisturizing enough on its own.
  • Does this serum leave the face sticky or tacky after application?

    No. Our hemp face serum will not leave your face sticky or tacky after application. This is a common issue with face oils. It usually happens when a product does not absorb effectively into the skin.

    We avoided this problem by using hemp seed oil as the main carrier in our serum. Hemp seed oil is very similar to our skin's lipid (oil) structure so it absorbs well. Carrier oils "carry" or transport other ingredients so its important that they are bio-compatible with the oils already present on our skin. (This is why hemp seed oil is also the main carrier in our oil cleanser).

    Skin will look oily immediately after applying. Don't panic! This liquid gold needs up to 5 minutes depending on your skin type to fully absorb. Remember to always apply your hemp oil facial serum to damp, not dry skin.
  • How long will this bottle last?

    Your bottle of hemp oil facial serum will last about 3 months based on 1-2 pumps used twice daily. If you're tackling dry skin with a little extra every day, your serum may not last the full 90 days. Since our serum is waterless, it's very potent so remember that a little bit goes a long way!
  • Why is this serum waterless?

    By taking out water (a cheap filler in lots of skincare products), our hemp oil facial serum does not require any chemical preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing where water is present. Waterless also means that our serum has a higher concentration of active ingredients, making it a more potent formulation of natural, nourishing oils.

    Waterless skincare products are more environmentally sustainable. Water is a precious resource that should be consumed mindfully. Products diluted with water require more packaging and require more energy to ship because of their weight. Not all skincare products can be waterless (example: creams need water to emulsify), but your face serum certainly should be!

    Like all empyri products, this hemp oil facial serum is also vegan, cruelty free and packaged in 100% recyclable materials. Conscious Consumption is one of our key pillars.
  • Is this hemp oil serum the same as CBD oil?

    No. This hemp oil facial serum is both CBD free and THC free. It is made using FDA and Health Canada approved extracts from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is sourced from cannabis sativa flower extract; empyri only uses cannabis sativa (hemp) roots and seeds. Same plant family, different parts!
  • What makes this serum a "clean beauty" product?

    This oil-based serum is the cleanest moisturizer on the shelf. By going waterless, this moisturizer doesn’t require any preservatives or other additives. Every oil serves a purpose to hydrate and nourish your skin. Plus, we’ve packaged it with a treatment pump instead of a dropper which can introduce bacteria to the product overtime. Taking “clean” to a new level!

    Clean Beauty is a key pillar of empyri. Each product is as close to nature as possible and we use evidence-based science to ensure it will be effective. We look to leaders in the clean beauty space for resources. Empyri products will never use ingredients on David Suzuki Foundation’s Dirty Dozen list. We use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® database for guidance on the human and environmental safety of ingredients - both synthetic and naturally-derived. If there is a safer, less harmful alternative to a popular cosmetic ingredient (and the science to back it up!), we’ll make the swap. Read Empyri’s Clean Beauty Ethos.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from others who have joined the Skin High and switched to 100% natural, clean and green empyri.

woman holding and reviewing oil cleanser

The only things I've been using on my face other than a face mask once a month, so I can truly say the results are all from empyri's cleanser!

Korrin @you.me.alchemy
woman with glowing skin reviewing skincare ritual

The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin! empyri's 3-step skincare ritual offers that and more!

Shanice @shaniceunearthed
woman holding and reviewing empyri skincare

I’m in love with the empyri Oil Cleanser - it’s a dream. It easily removes makeup, thoroughly cleanses and leaves your face feeling moisturized (not dried out). I have used it every day for almost three months and I recommend it to everyone!

Natalie @mindyourown.life

I love the simplicity of empyri’s 3-step ritual. After a long day of mountain biking, the oil cleanser is amazing at removing sweat & sunscreen (and chain grease!), leaving my face feeling clean and moisturized. With just these 3 products, I know my skin is getting everything it needs – it’s balanced, bright and smooth.


The empyri products are the closest to nature I have ever found. They are gentle, effective and just make my skin radiate. They have become part of my essential self-care routine! The cleanser leaves the skin so soft and the toner sooooo refreshed. Could not live without empyri anymore.

Jennifer @jennifer.jane.young

Why Hemp Skin Care?


cannabis skin care


Rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds like Friedelin, to deeply decongest and protect skin


cannabis skin care


Notably resembling the skin’s lipids with a non-comedogenic formula to restore and hydrate


cannabis skin care


Clinically proven to improve skin’s overall texture, reducing wrinkles and keeping skin smooth