hemp eye cream

with triple action polypeptides

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Hemp Eye Cream

for fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, dull skin

  • We know it feels to hear, "wow you look tired!" from your colleague, mother-in-law or well-meaning child. The skin around our eyes is thin and vulnerable to everyday stressors like sun exposure and movement - that's why eyes show fatigue and aging more quickly than the rest of the face. The good news? You can tackle the 3 biggest under eye concerns with one eye cream. (And if you really are tired, go take a nap!). 

    What makes it special: 

    • Patented polypeptides, Matrixyl ®, Haloxyl ® and Eyeliss ®, are clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, target dark circles and reduce puffiness.

    • Hydrolyzed hemp seed extract is clinically proven to reduce the width + depth of wrinkles, plus heal dry skin. 

       Antioxidant green tea extract protects delicate eye skin from free radical damages (UV, pollution). 

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    #skinhigh elements:

     Cruelty-Free  Non-comedogenic  Hydrating
     Vegan  Organic  Soothing
     Moisturizing  Cannabis-Infused

    Suitable for: 
    Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles, and dry skin under/around the eyes.

    Scent and texture: 
    Light and smooth texture is designed for the extra delicate skin around your eyes. Wears nicely under makeup/sunscreen or alone. Fragrance free.


  • What does empyri hemp eye cream do?

    HYDRATES with key ingredients hemp seed oil, full of essential fatty acids and hemp seed extract, clinically proven to heal dry skin and improve skin texture.

    TREATS dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles using three polypeptides, Matrixyl ®, Haloxyl ® and Eyeliss ® (patented by Sederma, Inc.). Anti-wrinkle effect is boosted by apple stem cell extract.

    PROTECTS the skin around your eyes from environmental damage with green tea and apple stem cell extracts, both natural and potent antioxidants. The delicate skin around our eyes needs extra protection from UV and pollution which produce the nasty free radicals responsible for discoloration, fine lines and crepiness.
  • How do I use it?

    1. Apply 1 pump of empyri hemp eye cream to your ring fingers, split evenly between both for equal application to both eyes.
    2. Gently pat around the eyes: underneath, to the outer corners and up to the brow bone.
    3. Allow about 1 minute to absorb before applying sunscreen or makeup.
    4. Use 1-2x daily for best results.
  • Who can use this product?

    All skin types
    No matter what your skin type, this is the eye cream for you! Gentle and lightweight, it's safe for those who are sensitive. Formulated with healthy hydration in mind, it's ideal for those who tend to be on the dry side too.

    "Hooded" eyes
    You can use empyri hemp eye cream if you have hooded eyes. Not sure if you do? It's a term used to describe an eye structure where the brow bone hangs down over a deep-set crease.

    Just be careful not to get cream too close to your eyelid as cream may get into your eyes and cause mild irritation. If this does occur, simply flush with cool water.

    Pregnant women
    Our eye cream is 100% safe to use during pregnancy. It does not contain any retinoids, which is one of the active ingredients that pregnant women need to avoid. Pregnant women do sometimes experience extra sensitive skin. So it is possible for any of the products in your usual skincare lineup to become irritating during those 9 months.
  • What are the benefits?

    Wrinkles and crow's feet
    This cream brings a triple threat of key ingredients to tackle fine lines and eye wrinkles. MATRIXL® is a polypeptide (a long chain of amino acids) is patented and proven to smooth wrinkles. APPLE STEM CELL EXTRACT has a proven anti-wrinkle effect, and HEMP SEED EXTRACT has clinical data to support that it reduces the width and depth of wrinkles.

    Dry skin
    Hydrated skin is healthy skin! If you haven't heard us say this before, get used to it. And the same goes for the skin around your eyes. We formulated our hemp eye cream with lots of naturally moisturizing ingredients to support your eye hydration. A few of our favourites are aloe, cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil and extract, sodium hyaluronate (aka hyaluronic acid) and shea butter.

    We added Sederma's Eyeliss ® to our eye cream because we know that puffiness is one of the most common skin concerns. When we say your eyes never keep a good secret, it's usually puffiness to blame after a good cry, a sleepless night or a weekend of bad habits. Yikes! Eyeliss ® another long chain of amino acids that reduces the buildup of fluid beneath our eyes to de-puff. If you often wake up looking puffy (or you've had one of said weekends of too much fun and too little sleep), you're a good candidate for popping your hemp eye cream in the fridge. The little boost of cool will help you look rejuvenated. And if you are really tired, go take a nap! There's no replacement for good quality zzz's.

    Eye bags
    Our formula deals with eye bags, aka dark circles, using Haloxyl ®. It's another one of the patented polypeptides from Sederma, Inc. that's been shown to improve the look of dark circles. While it's OK to try to brighten things up, it's important to remember that not all eye bags are created equal. Some folks have more visible veins below the surface of their skin around the orbital bone, causing the under eye area to look dark. Others are genetically predisposed to bigger "bags" - it's simply the shape of the eye. No topical product in the world will permanently erase dark circles, because they are natural! But you will love this eye cream for making your eyes look brighter, plumper and smoother overall.
  • Do I use it in the morning or evening?

    Both! Eye cream in the morning is a great primer for under eye concealer, colour corrector or foundation. Or if au-natural is more your style, you'll love this eye cream too. It will smooth/plump wrinkles, brighten dark circles and de-puff your under eye area for a beautiful bare skin look.

    Antioxidant + SPF make a perfect pairing, so adding empyri hemp eye cream with green tea and apple stem cell extracts to your morning routine will serve to protect the health of your skin for the long term. The truth is that concerns like under eye crepiness, fine lines and discoloration are not caused by aging's passing of time alone. It's from many years of environmental damage (primarily UV exposure) that we develop sagging skin and other issues.

    If you do nothing else before bed, wash your face and put on your eye cream! While we sleep our skin repairs itself. It's important to support that natural process, especially on the thinnest and most delicate area around your eyes.
  • Tips on How to Use it

    Tip 1: Apply hemp eye cream after cleansing, toning and moisturizing the rest of your face. It's the perfect follow up to empyri's 3-step ritual!

    Tip 2: Use hemp eye cream 1-2x daily for best results.

    Tip 3: Morning application helps revive tired eyes, brighten dark circles and prep under eye area for concealer, foundation, etc.

    Tip 4: Nighttime application restores hydration and prevents damages caused by free radicals. Our skin repairs itself up to 30% more while we sleep so its important to use the right products before bed!

    Tip 5: Keep your eye cream in the fridge to add an extra boost to wake up tired eyes in the morning!
  • Can I use it on a newborn?

    No. We do not recommend using empyri hemp eye cream on a newborn. Babies sometimes require special eye drops or eye ointment shortly after birth to prevent Ophthalmia Neonatorum. Please speak with your health care provider for more information.
  • How should I store it?

    Store your empyri hemp eye cream in a cool, dark place. Some people like to store eye cream in the fridge. This does not change the efficacy of the product, but does make it feel extra refreshing for morning application. Time to wake up!
  • Can I use it with concealer?

    Not only can you use your hemp eye cream with concealer, it's highly encouraged! Sodium hyaluronate (the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid) temporarily plumps to make skin smooth and ready for makeup. Under eye creases be gone! The light texture absorbs quickly so that it won't cause concealer to pill or clump.

    Our quick absorbing formula means you only need to wait about 1 minute before applying makeup on top of your eye cream.
  • What makes this eye cream a "clean beauty" product?

    All creams need a binding agent to prevent product from separating into its oil and liquid parts. In our hemp eye cream, we use cetearyl olivate (EWG rating 1). It’s a combination of certyl + stearyl alcohols, which are the clean swap for ethanol or rubbing alcohol. These alternatives are non-drying and safe for use on skin.

    Clean Beauty is a key pillar of empyri. Each product is as close to nature as possible and we use evidence-based science to ensure it will be effective. We look to leaders in the clean beauty space for resources. Empyri products will never use ingredients on David Suzuki Foundation’s Dirty Dozen list. We use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® database for guidance on the human and environmental safety of ingredients - both synthetic and naturally-derived. If there is a safer, less harmful alternative to a popular cosmetic ingredient (and the science to back it up!), we’ll make the swap. Read Empyri’s Clean Beauty Ethos.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from others who have joined the Skin High and switched to 100% natural, clean and green empyri.

woman holding and reviewing oil cleanser

The only things I've been using on my face other than a face mask once a month, so I can truly say the results are all from empyri's cleanser!

Korrin @you.me.alchemy
woman with glowing skin reviewing skincare ritual

The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin! empyri's 3-step skincare ritual offers that and more!

Shanice @shaniceunearthed
woman holding and reviewing empyri skincare

I’m in love with the empyri Oil Cleanser - it’s a dream. It easily removes makeup, thoroughly cleanses and leaves your face feeling moisturized (not dried out). I have used it every day for almost three months and I recommend it to everyone!

Natalie @mindyourown.life

I love the simplicity of empyri’s 3-step ritual. After a long day of mountain biking, the oil cleanser is amazing at removing sweat & sunscreen (and chain grease!), leaving my face feeling clean and moisturized. With just these 3 products, I know my skin is getting everything it needs – it’s balanced, bright and smooth.


The empyri products are the closest to nature I have ever found. They are gentle, effective and just make my skin radiate. They have become part of my essential self-care routine! The cleanser leaves the skin so soft and the toner sooooo refreshed. Could not live without empyri anymore.

Jennifer @jennifer.jane.young

Why Hemp Skin Care?


cannabis skin care


Rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds like Friedelin, to deeply decongest and protect skin


cannabis skin care


Notably resembling the skin’s lipids with a non-comedogenic formula to restore and hydrate


cannabis skin care


Clinically proven to improve skin’s overall texture, reducing wrinkles and keeping skin smooth