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  • Will Hemp Oils and Other Similar Products Come up Positive on Drug Tests?

    Hemp products have become very popular in North America over the past few years. With that popularity comes the question, "will hemp come up on a drug test"? The answer is no. But its not a simple no, so let's dig a little deeper. A quick intro to the confusion First things first. We need to def...
  • Does all hemp have CBD?

    Does all hemp have CBD? That's the question we answer in this post. Plus we give you a refresher on differences between hemp, cannabis, CBD and more.
  • How to Moisturize with Hemp

    Hemp oil, hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, CBD oil – all these terms are floating around the hemp skin care market and it can be so confusing to sort it all out.  Will any of them make me high?  Do I have to purchase from a licensed cannabis distributor?  Will I smell like my hippie aunt ...
  • What is the Difference between Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Oil and Is it Important?

    Need to know the difference between hemp oil and hemp seed oil? We've got you covered. Learn why we put these (and more from the hemp plant) in skincare.