Is air drying better for your skin?

When it comes to our hair, we've long since learned to simply let it air dry instead of torturing it with a blow dryer. But the idea of letting our face air-dry as well is something we haven't thought of yet. In the beauty world, however, the air-drying trend is now catching on.


Whether the method really makes a difference, we had to test of course immediately to know if air drying is better for my skin.

Air Drying: Why it should help against pimples


The towel in the bathroom seems to be clean. But what you don't see are the millions of bacteria that live in it. Especially if the towel has been in use for over a week and never dries properly. And it is precisely these bacteria that cause pimples on our skin. That's why it's best not to let the face come into contact with them at all after cleansing and let the skin air dry.


Of course, I wanted to know whether it produces a noticeable result, and tested the new beauty trend for a week. Right at the beginning, I first noticed that I have to schedule a little more time in the bathroom in the morning because it takes a little longer for the face to dry by itself. Towards the end of the week, I started applying my skincare products to the still slightly damp face, because as we have already discussed it allows waterless moisturizing products to penetrate the wet skin faster.

Air Drying against pimples: pointless hygiene hype?


After a week, I have to say that while I didn't get any major new pimples, my skin type didn't improve much else. I would therefore say that this method can be quite useful, but is not necessary. Especially not if you change your towel regularly (preferably every five days) and make sure it dries completely after each use. However, very sensitive skin that tends to irritate quickly can benefit from this beauty trend. This is because the daily friction of the towel can cause the skin to dry out more and become even more sensitive. However, instead of skipping air drying your face altogether, you can simply dab your face gently to remove excess water.

Our conclusion to the new skincare trend.


Air drying is a smart trend that draws attention to the consequences that a dirty towel can have on damp skin. Because the principle is easy to implement as well as completely free, you can easily test towel drying your face using circular motions and find out for yourself if it really is the solution for clear skin. For everyone else, if you change the towel regularly, you can achieve the same anti-pimple effect with less skin irritation.