Why you should use vitamin C with SPF

Your sunscreen is searching for a backup dancer, a partner in crime to fight against the sun’s harmful rays. Sunlight, as beautiful as she is, is proven to cause signs of aging and skin cancer[1]. But there’s an extra step you can take to boost the effectiveness of your daily sunscreen use: pair your SPF with an antioxidant.  

Fight free radicals

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation produces free radicals, which damage your skin on a cellular level. That’s why we know that UV damages all skin: it’s the short term for fair complexions that are quick to burn and it’s a long game for melanin-rich beauties who are naturally bronzed by mid-summer. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is proven to neutralize free radicals[2] and therefore protect from the damages they cause like fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.


Layer it on

Vitamin C is not a sunscreen itself, but its ability to prevent skin damage caused by UV exposure makes including it in your sun prep a smart move for your skincare routine. empyri’s hydrating toner + vitamin C is the perfect pairing for your sunscreen application this summer. Our toner is the most active vitamin C on the market, which means you’re adding a highly active boost of antioxidants to your sun protection. To clean, dry skin, apply 5-10 pumps of vitamin C toner every morning before applying your daily SPF.

What sunscreen should I choose?

We know that some folks may be more concerned about ingredients, opting for mineral sunscreen options like zinc oxide. But our friends with more melanin might stick with chemical sunscreens to avoid the white or grey cast that they can sometimes cause. The best advice we’ve heard when it comes to choosing a sunscreen is to choose the one you’ll wear! Every. Single. Day.

While empyri does not currently offer a sunscreen in our lineup, its certainly a product that is in development and an absolute favourite skincare item for every member of our team.

Just like the sunshine, 

You are loved. 


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 [2] https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/health-disease/skin-health/vitamin-C

Jennifer Grant with Hemp Roots


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