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hemp cream

  • What is the Difference between Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Oil and Is it Important?

    Need to know the difference between hemp oil and hemp seed oil? We've got you covered. Learn why we put these (and more from the hemp plant) in skincare.
  • Founder Favourite: Dry Weather Duo

    Seasons are changing and so should our skincare! empyri founder Jen Grant has a personal favourite cold-weather combination to treat and protect your precious face as we brace ourselves for lower temperatures outside, and drier air inside. (Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the furna...
  • Introducing: holistic hydration daily moisturizer

    Summer has arrived! And so has our new product, a daily moisturizer backed by nature and science to offer superlight and effective hydration, a must-have in everyone’s warm weather skincare arsenal. We know that hydrated skin means healthy skin, so we’ve used the best that Mother Nature has to of...