I'm Dreaming of a Cannabis Christmas!

Tis the season! “Green Christmas” is taking on a whole new meaning this year, especially since many around the world will be celebrating the holidays in some type of quarantine. Forbes contributor Julie Weed writes, “2020 might be a very green Christmas for the cannabis industry” as the industry has seen a major uptick in business since the beginning of the pandemic in March.

From medical marijuana for managing the aches and pains of getting those lights on the roof, to recreational use to curb lockdown boredom and CBD products galore for at-home self care treatments, cannabis is going to make itself useful during our COVID Christmas.

With empyri, you can let yourself (and your loved ones!) be cared for with cannabis this Christmas – without the THC or CBD – because our root and seed extract have no psychoactive properties. But they will nourish your skin, your senses and your soul.

The holidays can be tough. This year’s will be tougher.

Remember you are loved.



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