Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

The icy wind outside, dry heating air inside - especially in winter, our lips have to suffer a lot. The result of the strain: dry, chapped or even cracked lips. This is not only a cosmetic problem because torn corners of the mouth or inflammations can be the result. We reveal the best tips to turn chapped lips into soft, kissable mouths again.


What are the causes of dry, chapped lips?


But why do we get dry and chapped lips in the first place? The reason is simple: unlike the rest of our skin, the delicate skin of our lips contains no sebaceous glands. And these are a natural protection against dehydration. In addition, they lubricate the skin and keep it supple even on cold days.


Because our lips lack this layer of oil, they dry out more quickly. In addition, cool temperatures, icy wind or heating air in winter ensure that the skin and thus also our lips lose moisture remarkably thus and rapidly dry out and become chapped.


The second cause of chapped and dry lips can be a vitamin deficiency. Especially the lack of vitamin B2 leads to cracks at the corners of the mouth and rough lips. The daily requirement of vitamin B2 can be met with dairy products, avocado, broccoli, meat and fish.


Another reason for chapped lips: moistening with the tongue. Although this habit relieves the feeling of tightness for a short time, it worsens the skin condition in the long run. As soon as the saliva evaporates, the delicate skin of the lips is deprived of additional moisture and is drier than before.

Our three tips for chapped lips if lip balm is not available


Dry, chapped and cracked lips make us look sickly and uncomfortable when kissing - they also hurt a lot. Here are four care tips and home remedies that make dry lips supple again.


Lip balms make dry & chapped lips supple again


You can get a grip on chapped lips with lip balms. Look for the ingredients like plant-derived oils and butters. They promote wound healing and make rough lips soft and supple again. Stay away from scented products and those containing dyes - at least as long as the skin is irritated and chapped.

Tip 1: Honey

Honey is a proven home remedy for dry lips. Simply apply a layer directly to the dry lips, leave on overnight and wash off (or lick off) in the morning. Manuka honey is particularly effective against chapped lips. It intensively cares for the skin and fights inflammation.


And no, we are not talking about vaseline honey here. Just what you have at home.

Tip 2: Olive oil


Olive oil is also a natural alternative to conventional lip balms and is one of our favourite natural oils. The oil is said to have a moisturizing effect and is, therefore, the ideal care for rough lips. Tip: You can gently remove dead skin cells with a soft toothbrush before applying. But be careful not to scrub too hard!


An oil and sugar scrub is a delicious way to remove small skin flakes and make the skin on your lips velvety soft again.

Tip 3: Drink, drink and drink again


Moisture also comes from within! Regular drinking (preferably water) is one of the most effective methods against chapped lips. If you take in enough moisture, you can prevent dry lips. Don't feel like drinking water? Then try an unsweetened tea. Drinking plenty of water is good for your lips and your entire skin and body. Finally, experts recommend drinking at least 2.5 litres per day.

Tip 4: Apply lipstick correctly to dry lips


You should avoid lipstick or gloss if your lips are chapped and dry. However, necessary appointments or events often force us to put some colour on our lips. But be careful: chapped lips quickly look unkempt if the colour is not applied correctly.

Tip 5: Get the proper humidity


In winter, the air is often very dry, both outside and in heated rooms, which strains our lips. Depending on the outside temperature, even airing out doesn't always help because the cold air from outside can hardly store moisture and, therefore, can't bring it in. Keep an eye on the humidity in your home with a hygrometer. It should always be between 40 and 60% inside. If the humidity in the room is below this, there are a few solutions. The simplest is to place a bowl of water on the heating. The heat will cause the water to evaporate and the humidity to rise.

Tip 5: Make your homemade lip balm to nourish dry lips


To get through the winter with healthy tips, you can easily make care products that you can use for several weeks or months. Make your lip balm with these ingredients:


  • 10g organic beeswax (vegan alternative: cocoa butter).

  • 20g virgin coconut oil

  • 20g shea butter

  • Optional: 5 drops of essential oil, depending on your preference.


You will also need small jars to store the lip balm.


You can get all the ingredients at the drugstore, supermarket, or pharmacy.


How to make your lip balm:

  • Heat some water in a saucepan

  • Put all the ingredients in a jar or bowl suitable for a water bath.

  • Place the jar or bowl in or on top of the hot water

  • Stir until all the ingredients become liquid and combine into a uniform mass

  • Pour the mixture into small jars


Allow the lip balm to cool completely.


You should have a firm but creamy balm that you can regularly use as a home remedy for chapped lips.


Can I use aloe vera to treat chapped lips?


Yes, you can use aloe vera or aloe vera gel, but it's best to use it with other ingredients to ensure that it stays on your chapped lips.

How to heal chapped lips completely?


It's best to apply lip balms or a lip moisturizer several times a day and before you go to bed to ensure that your lips stay hydrated.

Should I use white petroleum jelly/ vaseline?

No, it's best to avoid vaseline and instead use natural moisturizers. This blog discusses why vaseline is not a great choice for your skin health.