toner hydratant au chanvre + vitamine C

pour les peaux à tendance acnéique

  • $72.00
Kit de toner Cannabis Sativa

pour peau terne, acné adulte, peau sèche, pores dilatés, rides et ridules

  • Un mélange doux d'eaux florales, d'hamamélis sans alcool et d'extrait de racine pour tonifier et nourrir la peau, fournissant la base hydratante idéale, stimulant la production de collagène et réduisant l'apparence des rides et ridules grâce à la vitamine C pure.

    Conseil de pro : Notre toner est personnalisable. Utilisez moins de vitamine C sur les peaux super sensibles ou augmentez la dose pour traiter les affections cutanées tenaces comme l'acné - vous pouvez ressentir un picotement, mais s'il brûle, vous êtes allé trop loin !

    Ce qui le rend spécial :

    • Les produits réguliers à la vitamine C ne restent actifs que pendant 2 semaines, notre toner à la vitamine C personnalisable est le traitement à la vitamine C le plus actif sur le marché car vous le mélangez frais toutes les deux semaines ! Offrez à votre peau un soin hautement actifsans produits chimiquestraitement.

    • Livré avec des sachets de vitamine C séparés, vous permettant de surveiller la force en fonction de votre peau etréactiver toutes les 2 semaines

      • 100% sans alcool pour éviter de trop dessécher votre peau délicate (ce qui peut faire réagir la peau par une surproduction de sébum, c'est-à-dire de l'acné, beurk !))

      Réduit l'apparence des pores grâce à l'hydratationEau d'Aloe Vera etHamamélisen resserrant la peau et en réduisant l'inflammation pour aider la peau à rester propre et claire

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    Éléments #skinhigh :

     Sans alcool
     Sans produits chimiques  Hydratant
     Sans cruauté  Stimulant de Collagène
     Resserrement des pores
     Végétalien  Vitamine C  Infusé au cannabis

    Convient à:
    Peau terne, acné adulte, peau sèche, pores dilatés, rides et ridules.

    Parfum et texture :
    Les sachets en poudre sont mélangés au toner liquide qui est naturellement parfumé aux agrumes et à la lavande, pour produire un spray léger et revitalisant.


  • What are the benefits of a vitamin C toner?

    Treat acne, naturally: Vitamin C gently kills the bacteria that causes acne. Keep reading for more on vitamin C for acne.

    Boost collagen production: Vitamin C penetrates to the deeper layer of your skin and sends a signal to your body to produce more collagen. In one study, using vitamin C topically at 3-10% for just 12 weeks resulted in a statistically significant increase in the skin's production of collagen.

    Fades dark spots: Vitamin C blocks melanin production, so it fades hyperpigmentation like age and sun spots as well as acne scars.

    Brighten dull skin: Since vitamin C reduces pigmentation (see above!), and smooths the surface of the skin (more on this below!), it also has brightening benefits. When used as part of a healthy skin care routine, vitamin C will help you achieve that natural glow.

    Even skin tone: Vitamin C will fade dark spots and also reduce redness through its anti-inflammatory properties. All of this leads to a more even skin tone overall.
  • Why choose empyri's vitamin C?

    We know there are hundreds - maybe thousands of vitamin C topicals on the market today. So why choose our vitamin C toner? Here's why:
    • Active ingredients are meant to be active! Empyri uses a stable form of l-ascorbic acid, packaged in an airtight sachet. Since you mix it fresh with your hydrating toner every 2 weeks, it's always fresh - and always active.
    • Customizable to meet your skin's unique needs. You control the strength of your vitamin C treatment, which can change with the seasons as you need it to. This is extra helpful if you're new to vitamin C; start slow and work your way up.
    • One product, many ways.Some days, you'll use plain hemp toner to hydrate, balance, prep or to set your makeup. Other days, you'll load up with vitamin C because you want to brighten things up or tackle a stubborn acne scar. You choose what your your skin needs, and your toner will be ready to help you.
  • Are there any side effects?

    Does vitamin C make my face peel? It's a good question to ask!

    Pure vitamin C is an active ingredient so its possible for it to cause irritation. Results can range from mild redness to peeling in extreme cases where a person has highly reactive skin. This is the trouble with "one percentage fits all" formulas: sometimes they are too strong for some skin.

    But we don't think that anyone should miss out on the incredible skin benefits of vitamin C. That's why empyri's mix-it-yourself toner kit is the best vitamin C solution on the market. If you're new to vitamin C treatment or have skin that is super sensitive, you can adjust your treatment to avoid negative side effects.
  • Can I use it on:

    All skin types! Let us say more about each one.

    Dry skin - We call this our hydrating toner for good reason! One of the key ingredients we use is aloe barbadensis leaf juice, which is moisturizing and soothing to dry skin. And we've removed any alcohol to ensure the toner itself isn't contributing to any dryness. We recommend you skip the vitamin C if you're having a severe dry skin flare up, from a wind burn for example. You can still use the hemp toner by itself.

    Oily skin - The hero for oily skin in this toner is the hamamelis virginiana or alcohol-free witch hazel. If you use alcohol, it may temporarily absorb excess oil, but will likely lead to over-drying... which will cause your skin to panic and start producing more oil again. Our toner has natural astringent and anti-bacterial properties which tighten pores and keep skin clear.

    Combination skin - Since this toner is a 2-in-1 treatment (hydrating toner alone OR with added vitamin C), you can target specific areas of your skin with what it needs. Use vitamin C on troubled t-zones or acne scars. Then apply the "plain" hydrating toner to dry patches. One product many ways!

    Sensitive skin - No longer do people with sensitive skin need to steer clear of products labelled facial toner. They're not all super harsh astringents like they used to be! Our toner is formulated with rosemary leaf oil. Its main component is rosmarinic acid which is anti-inflammatory and has a calming effect on the skin. And since our l ascorbic acid is packaged separately, you control the strength of your vitamin C treatment to avoid irritating sensitivity.

    Mature skin - Any "anti aging" skincare routine needs powerful antioxidants. Look no further than vitamin C! It's a potent antioxidant that benefits skin by boosting collagen production to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And with regular use, vitamin C will lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation too.

    Eczema/Psoriasis - Skip the vitamin C and use the hydrating toner by itself on any flare ups to avoid irritation.
  • How will it help my acne prone skin?

    When it comes to empyri for acne, this vitamin C toner is the star of the show. Acne can be related to inflammation in the skin. Where there is skin inflammation, natural levels of vitamin C is compromised (Leveque, N., et al, 2003). Topical application of vitamin C is beneficial to treat the underlying inflammation and to kill acne-causing bacteria. It's a chemical-free acne treatment that does not bear the same side effects as harsh prescription acne treatments.

    Other natural ingredients in this hydrating toner will help your acne-prone skin too. Rosemary leaf oil is has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And our witch hazel is antibacterial and non-irritating.

    Another popular acne treatment that comes from a natural source is tea tree oil. Tea tree is very potent and should only be used as a spot treatment. Even then, it's strength makes it irritating for many people. Tea tree can over dry a blemish, causing your skin to react by producing too much oil. Vitamin C is the better of these two natural ingredients because it can be used on the entire face, neck and chest to maintain clear, glowing skin.
  • How do I use the hydrating hemp toner with the vitamin C spray?

    Do I need to clean my face first?
    Yes. Always apply your hydrating toner with vitamin C to clean skin. In the morning, gently cleanse with warm water or a damp washcloth.

    Do I put this on before or after moisturizer?
    Before! Apply your vitamin c toner to clean skin and follow with your favourite moisturizer. If you use a waterless moisturizer like empyri's moisturizing serum, be sure to apply while your skin is still damp from the toner.There is an exception to this rule. If you use a super thin hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid only or an essence, you can apply your citamin C toner after. The vitamin C will still absorb deeply into the skin.

    Can I use it everyday?
    Yes. It is safe to use vitamin C on your skin every day. Those who are sensitive may want to start by adding to their routine every other day, or use half the ascorbic acid and work up to the full amount.

    Is it just for my face?
    No! Vitamin C is a powerful anti aging ingredient. Your neck and your chest need it too! The skin on our décolleté loses collagen quickly as we age and is often prone to an uneven skin tone from years of sun exposure. So it's important to support our skin health all the way down to our v-neck with vitamin C.
  • Can I use vitamin C toner with:

    No. We do not recommend using your vitamin C toner with niacinamide. Dermatologists hold competing views on this topic and the research is inconclusive. Some studies suggest that combining vitamin C and niacinamide can cause redness and irritation. At the very least, it may reduce the efficacy of the vitamin C. Considering the skin benefits that both of these ingredients have to offer, the best solution is to use them on alternating times or days in your routine.

    Salicylic Acid
    Yes. You can use your vitamin C toner with salicylic acid. SA is a gentle chemical exfoliant, meaning it washes away dead skin cells and clears pores. The best combination of these two ingredients is to use a cleanser with SA, followed by your vitamin C toner. You're clearing the way for vitamin C to do its best work deep in your pores! This combination is best suited for oily and acne prone skin types.

    Ferulic Acid
    Yes. You can use vitamin C with ferulic acid, which is another powerful anti-oxidant. Research shows that ferulic acid will boost the photoprotection of vitamin C.

    The acid you do not want to pair with vitamin C is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and like vitamin C, is a powerful active ingredient. Too much power usually causes irritation. That's why its best to switch out your actives day by day.
  • What is the pH balance?

    pH is the measure of acidity in a liquid. 7 is neutral - and tap water has a pH of 7.66. The lower the pH, the more acidic it is. The pH of the hydrating toner is 4.6. Based on mixing 27g of toner with 5g of vitamin C, the product has a pH of 2.52. This is ideal because any vitamin C serum must have a pH of less than 3.5 in order to be effective.
  • Are all of the ingredients natural and vegan?

    Yes! Empyri's hydrating hemp toner with vitamin C is made from 100% natural ingredients - and everything is vegan too. Here's a quick look at our key ingredients and their source.
    • Alcohol free witch hazel - distilled from dried leaves, twigs and bark of the hamamelis virginiana plant
    • Lavender, Bitter Orange and Aloe leaf/flower waters - sourced as a by-product from making essential oils, aka steam distillation
    • Hydrolyzed hemp seed extract - made from our favourite vegan protein source, hemp seeds!
    • Rosemary leaf oil - extracted from rosemary leaves - not just for the kitchen anymore!
    • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - sourced from citrus fruits or corn glucose. Both natural, both vegan!
  • Qu'est-ce qui fait de ce toner un produit de"clean beauty" ?

    Clean Beauty est un pilier clé d'empyri. Chaque produit est aussi proche que possible de la nature et nous utilisons une science fondée sur des preuves pour garantir son efficacité. Nous nous tournons vers les leaders dans le domaine de la beauté propre pour les ressources. Les produits Empyri n'utiliseront jamais d'ingrédients figurant sur la liste Dirty Dozen de la Fondation David Suzuki . Nous utilisons la base de données Skin Deep® de l'Environmental Working Group pour obtenir des conseils sur la sécurité humaine et environnementale des ingrédients - à la fois synthétiques et d'origine naturelle. S'il existe une alternative plus sûre et moins nocive à un ingrédient cosmétique populaire (et la science à l'appui !), nous ferons l'échange. Lisez l'éthique de la beauté propre d'Empyri .

    Nous avons remplacé l'alcool par de l'hamamelis virginiana dans notre toner pour ses propriétés astringentes naturelles. C'est de l'hamamélis sans alcool , adapté aux peaux sensibles et sans danger pour une utilisation régulière sur la barrière cutanée que les astringents à base d'alcool.

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woman holding and reviewing oil cleanser

Les seules choses que j'ai utilisées sur mon visage à part un masque facial une fois par mois, donc je peux vraiment dire que les résultats proviennent tous du nettoyant d'empyri !

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Le meilleur fond de teint que vous puissiez porter est une peau éclatante de santé ! Le rituel de soins de la peau en 3 étapes d'empyri offre cela et plus encore !

Shanice @shaniceunearthed
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Je suis amoureux de l'empyri Oil Cleanser - c'est un rêve. Il démaquille facilement, nettoie en profondeur et laisse votre visage hydraté (pas desséché). Je l'utilise tous les jours depuis presque trois mois et je le recommande à tout le monde !


J'aime la simplicité du rituel en 3 étapes d'empyri. Après une longue journée de vélo de montagne, le nettoyant à l'huile est incroyable pour éliminer la transpiration et la crème solaire (et la graisse de chaîne !), laissant mon visage propre et hydraté. Avec seulement ces 3 produits, je sais que ma peau obtient tout ce dont elle a besoin, elle est équilibrée, lumineuse et lisse..


Les produits empyri sont les plus proches de la nature que j'ai jamais trouvés. Ils sont doux, efficaces et font juste rayonner ma peau. Ils font désormais partie de ma routine essentielle de soins personnels ! Le nettoyant laisse la peau si douce et le toner tellement rafraîchi. Je ne pouvais plus vivre sans empyri.

Jenifer @jennifer.jane.young

Pourquoi les soins de la peau au cannabis?


cannabis skin care


Riche en composés anti-inflammatoires et antioxydants comme la Friedelin, pour décongestionner et protéger la peau en profondeur


cannabis skin care


Ressemblant notamment aux lipides de la peau avec une formule non comédogène pour restaurer et hydrater


cannabis skin care


Cliniquement prouvé pour améliorer la texture globale de la peau, réduire les rides et garder la peau lisse