toner de chanvre

Choisissez le toner de chanvre pour traiter + préparation.
C'est le sérum à la vitamine C le plus actif du marché ! Mélangez-le vous-même toutes les deux semaines pour profiter de tous les bienfaits de la vitamine C pour la peau:réparer les dommages des radicaux libres causés par les facteurs de stress oxydatifs comme les UV ; éclaircir le teint et traiter l'hyperpigmentation ; stimuler la production de collagène; et minimiser les rides et ridules. Formulé sans alcool pour hydrater, avec un pouvoir anti-inflammatoire supplémentaire provenant des racines de chanvre.

Témoignages de clients

Écoutez d'autres personnes qui ont rejoint le Skin High et sont passées à des empyri 100 % naturels, propres et verts.

woman holding and reviewing oil cleanser

Les seules choses que j'ai utilisées sur mon visage à part un masque facial une fois par mois, donc je peux vraiment dire que les résultats proviennent tous du nettoyant d'empyri !

woman with glowing skin reviewing skincare ritual

Le meilleur fond de teint que vous puissiez porter est une peau éclatante de santé ! Le rituel de soins de la peau en 3 étapes d'empyri offre cela et plus encore !

Shanice @shaniceunearthed
woman holding and reviewing empyri skincare

Je suis amoureux de l'empyri Oil Cleanser - c'est un rêve. Il démaquille facilement, nettoie en profondeur et laisse votre visage hydraté (pas desséché). Je l'utilise tous les jours depuis presque trois mois et je le recommande à tout le monde !


J'aime la simplicité du rituel en 3 étapes d'empyri. Après une longue journée de vélo de montagne, le nettoyant à l'huile est incroyable pour éliminer la transpiration et la crème solaire (et la graisse de chaîne !), laissant mon visage propre et hydraté. Avec seulement ces 3 produits, je sais que ma peau obtient tout ce dont elle a besoin, elle est équilibrée, lumineuse et lisse..


Les produits empyri sont les plus proches de la nature que j'ai jamais trouvés. Ils sont doux, efficaces et font juste rayonner ma peau. Ils font désormais partie de ma routine essentielle de soins personnels ! Le nettoyant laisse la peau si douce et le toner tellement rafraîchi. Je ne pouvais plus vivre sans empyri.

Jenifer @jennifer.jane.young


  • What does a hemp toner do?

    Empyri's hemp toner does 4 things:

    1. Hydrates. Hydration is the key to healthy skin at every age. We usually turn to a serum or moisturizer to hydrate, but it doesn't need to stop there. Everyone should use a hydrating toner, even if you don't have dry skin. Other toners use alcohol which strips moisture from the skin just so you can try to replenish it with your moisturizer. Sounds backwards, right? That's why we included hydrating ingredients in our hemp toner like aloe vera, so that all of your skincare steps support healthy hydration.
    2. Prepares. Hemp toner prepares the skin for application of other products by balancing skin pH after cleansing. It also dampens the skin for applying waterless products like an oil-based serum.
    3. Treats. Did you know your toner can be a treatment of active ingredients too? Our hemp toner features vitamin C, which treats acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin and hyperpigmentation. It's the #1 natural ingredient in skincare (more on that below!).
    4. Protects. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative stressors like UV radiation. When you use this toner in the morning, you boost the protection of your sunscreen - which we know you're wearing every day!
  • How to use it

    Here's 3 different ways to use hemp toner:

    1. Spray toner, about 5 pumps, onto a clean cotton pad. Gently wipe over entire face, neck and chest.
    2. Apply toner directly as a face mist. Let it sit for a minute or two before applying additional skin care products.
    3. Use facial toner as a makeup setting spray. We recommend using the hemp toner without added vitamin C for this one.
  • Will it tighten my skin?

    Alcohol-free Witch Hazel is a natural astringent. Astringents are known to reduce the appearance of pores by tightening the skin, reduce inflammation and have anti-bacterial properties. All of these aid in keeping skin cleansed and clear, benefitting all skin types and particularly those who are acne-prone. Since it's alcohol free and non-drying, this toner will not leave your skin feeling "tight" with irritation the way some harsh astringents do.
  • How often should you use a facial toner

    Facial toner should be used 1-2x per day as part of your regular skincare regimen. Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing. We recommend using empyri's hemp toner with added vitamin C 1x per day. So if you use vitamin C in the morning, choose the hydrating hemp toner in the evening. You can also use your facial mist daily to set makeup.
  • How long does it take to see results?

    You will see results of using this hydrating hemp toner immediately. It will soothe skin, calm redness and leave you with a little glow!

    Results of the vitamin C treatment take from a few weeks to a few months to see. You'll notice a brighter, more even-toned complexion sooner; results like reduced fine lines take a bit longer.

    And then there's the antioxidant power - which you won't see - but you can rest assured you've added protection to your daily sun care.

    Like any new product, you need to make this hydrating toner with vitamin C a regular part of your skincare routine in order to achieve results.
  • Should I use it after my face wash?

    Yes! Always apply toner after cleansing.

    In the evening, use your favourite face wash to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Remove makeup, sunscreen and any dirt accumulated throughout the day. You'll also be washing off things you can't see like pollutants that have accumulated. Dry your face gently using a clean washcloth. Then, apply your toner using a cotton pad or facial mist. If you see makeup residue on the cotton pad, that means your skin wasn't clean enough!

    In the morning, many of us don't use a face wash. Use your toner after you've opted for a quick refresh using warm water. Either way, you're always applying toner to clean skin.
  • Will it get rid of my acne?

    Empyri's hemp toner will help to get rid of your acne in 3 ways:

    1. Hydrating - When you boost hydration levels in the skin, you prevent it from getting stuck in an over-dry, over-oily cycle. Other moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid are great for plumping the skin on the surface, but hemp toner hydrates at a deeper level.
    2. Balancing - Hemp seeds contain a very high concentration of linoleic acid, which is also present in our skin's oil, also called sebum. When our sebum is low in linoleic acid, it becomes "sticky" and it globs together clogging pores. Hemp toner regulates your skin's linoleic acid which reduces impurities building up.
    3. Vitamin C - Proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne, using vitamin C is a great way to treat acne using naturally derived ingredients. It's also anti-inflammatory which will soothe skin post breakout.
  • Can I use it on sensitive skin?

    Absolutely! Unlike a lot of toners which contain things like alcohol, chemical astringents and fragrance, empyri's hemp toner is a combination of key ingredients for sensitive skin. Alcohol free witch hazel performs the natural astringent function as alchohol without the irritation. Aloe vera offers gentle hydration and is skin soothing. Bitter orange flower water is a hydrosol or diluted essential oil. It's a gentle ingredient with skin toning properties. And rosemary leaf extract contains rosmarinic acid which has a calming effect on the skin.

    Our mix-it-yourself formula allows you to customize the strength of your vitamin C treatment. Sensitive skin types should start small and try to work up to the full amount.
  • Can I use it on oily skin?

    Yes, you can use hemp toner on oily skin. Hemp seed extract regulates oil production to reduce build up in pores. It balances the skin's hydration levels so that skin is soft and moisturized without being greasy or oily. And our organic witch hazel has gentle astringent properties to help with an oily complexion.
  • Can I use it on combination skin?

    Yes. This facial spray can be used on combination skin. Like with moisturizers, combination skin types have a lot to balance when choosing toners. A purifying toner may remove too much oil from already dry patches. And a superfine mist may not treat your t-zone effectively.