Why cannabis?

Jennifer Grant, Founder and CEO of empyri

Will empyri products make me high?
No, empyri products will not make you high; and, are not psychoactive. Our products only contain ‘Schedule 2’ parts of the cannabis plant (non-viable seeds, stalks and roots); and, are not classified as “cannabis” under the Cannabis Act. Cannabis roots, non-viable seeds, and seed oil do not contain phytocannabinoids such as THC or CBD; and, are not regulated in the same way as recreational cannabis.

What are the benefits of cannabis roots?
Cannabis roots have a long history of therapeutic use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For over a thousand years, cannabis roots have been used to treat a variety of conditions including: inflammation, gout, arthritis, infection, women’s health including postpartum bleeding, and sexually transmitted diseases. Traditionally, roots have been applied topically in a poultice, or taken internally in a decoction where cannabis roots are boiled in water. empyri incorporates cannabis roots into a variety of products, including cannabis root tea and cannabis root topicals.

Are empyri cannabis sativa products safe for pregnant and/or lactating women (and, children)?
Pregnant and/or lactating women and children under 12-years old should avoid all cannabis sativa products. Because empyri products are made without THC + CBD, our products are safe for children over 12-years of age.

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?
Parts of a marijuana plant can cause psychoactive effects, whereas hemp cannot. Marijuana and hemp are broad classifications of cannabis that have evolved to separate the cannabis plant based on their psychotropic effects. In Canada, hemp is used to classify cannabis with 0.3% or less THC content; and, marijuana is used to classify cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC (by dry weight). Emerging research has demonstrated that CBD is an effective treatment for a variety of health issues such as chronic pain, insomnia and childhood epilepsy.

Click here for a great video on The Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana.

Is there CBD or THC in hemp?
There is very little information about the CBD content of Health Canada-approved varieties of hemp. Early data is showing between 0.3% and 4% CBD in the hemp plant. CBD is concentrated to create therapeutic doses found on the regulated recreational and medical market in Canada. In order to be classified as hemp, the cannabis plant must have less than 0.3 mg/l THC, so oils extracted from hemp plants should be primarily CBD.

What are the benefits of cannabis seed oil?
Cannabis seed oil, otherwise known as hempseed oil, has been available in specialty stores for decades. Unrefined hempseed oil is dark green in colour and has a pleasant nutty smell. Hempseed oil is packed with skin-nourishing vitamins and fatty acids; and, is an emerging ingredient in skincare formulations. A 2014 study cites hempseed oil as a useful treatment for eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Are cannabis roots safe to ingest?
Yes; but they are extremely hard, and likely break your teeth. We worked diligently to come up with processes to prepare and extract cannabis roots. The roots are harder than a maple tree, difficult to process, and generate all kinds of resinous dust. We have destroyed way more kitchen equipment than we’re willing to admit testing out our ideas.

We are proud to say that the cannabis roots used in empyri products are Canadian-grown and processed, and safe for consumption and topical use.

What is the cannabis root extract in your skincare line?
Canadian-grown cannabis roots are gently extracted to produce a lovely golden extract rich in active ingredients, including Friedelin. Produced in a GMP facility, this extract is used in all of our topical products.

What is oil cleansing?

Our skin is constantly producing oil (sebum) to protect and moisturize itself. Most modern skin cleansing techniques include aggressive cleansers that strip away these oils, leaving our skin feeling tight and dry. In response to low oil levels, our skin immediately overcompensates by producing more oil. The oil cleansing method capitalizes on the chemistry principle that like dissolves like. Oil cleansers travel deep into your skin, dissolving sebum, and flushing dirt and bacteria from pores. Whatever doesn’t dissolve in cleansing oil will dissolve in water. The oil cleansing method is the perfect combination for beautiful and healthy skin – without stripping your skin of its natural, necessary oils. 

Is oil cleanser safe to use with eyelash extensions? 
One of the key rules when wearing eyelash extensions is to skip oil based eye products because they can loosen the glue.  The good news is that if you're looking to quickly and easily remove your extensions, empyri oil cleanser is up to the job!

How do I use moisturizing serum?
Super easy! Dampen skin, apply a few pumps onto fingertips, evenly distribute over skin, and allow a few minutes to dissolve. You should be left with a healthy, dewy complexion. If your skin is still oily after 10-minutes, blot with a soft cloth, and reduce the amount used on your next application. empyri moisturizing serum is formulated with 12 different nourishing nut and seed/kernel oils to achieve optimal qualities of glide (viscosity), absorption and nutrient content. Formulating without water enables us to avoid chemical emulsifiers and preservatives – resulting in a clean and natural serum suitable for all skin types.

How do I mix the vitamin C toner?
Add one package of vitamin C to the small 30ml. bottle of hydrating toner + vitamin C. Next, fill the bottle to the top of the label with cannabis sativa hydrating toner. Put the cap back on and shake well until the vitamin C is dissolved. If the vitamin C is not completely dissolved, it will clog the sprayer, making it difficult to use. If this happens, detach the sprayer and simply flush with warm water.

Can I mix the vitamin C with water instead of toner?
empyri cannabis sativa hydrating toner is scientifically formulated for activating vitamin C. The low pH level creates an ideal environment for vitamin C to penetrate your skin with all its antioxidant potential. For these reasons, we do not recommend mixing the vitamin C with water.

What is cannabis tea?
Cannabis tea will be coming to empyri in 2021.

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Regulatory Information

The embody, empower and embark lines use parts of the cannabis plant that contain no THC and CBD; therefore, you get the healing qualities of the cannabis plant, without the psychoactive effects. For this reason, our products are not subject to the packaging and distribution restrictions set out in the Cannabis Act.