Clean and green is the heart of empyri, and at the foundation of each empyri product is natural, active Canadian-grown roots and seeds that have been clinically proven to nourish and restore more balance to your skin. Check out our high botanical, organic skincare and become a part of the #skinhigh


  • "This was my first experience with oil based cleansers and I was delighted with the results. My skin balanced out and became less oily and the Vitamin C toner left my face feeling soft and looking bright. I've recommended this system to friends and family, it's awesome!"

    Maggie Smith, Oakville, ON

  • "I started using Jen's three step skincare system years ago to help with dry skin in the winter and it works like nothing I've tried before. The vitamin C serum is so active, you can feel it working as soon as it is applied. I got the hang of preparing it every 10 days after the first month or so and that is when I noticed the results. My skin looked brighter and the fine lines were definitely reduced."

    Jen Heslinga, Coldstream, ON

  • "I've been using the skincare system for over 5 years with amazing results. I have rosacea so I'm extra careful about what I use on my skin and face. The gentle oil based cleanser takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. The daily serum is perfect for dry Canadian winters and is great under sunscreen in the summer. Can't wait to see what empyri comes out with next!"

    Kristen Wright, Strathroy, ON

  • "The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin! empyri's 3-step skincare ritual offers that and more!"

    Shanice Rose Forde, Montréal